Democracy Has Prevailed.

March 5, 2010


Actually, his name is pretty much all we know about Adam Ravenstahl (other than he's Lil Mayor Luke's baby bro and he's running for PA State Rep). And, it's not just us. Adam's not returning calls or written requests from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. His campaign web site doesn't work.

But, the P-G did manage to snag some lit:

In it, he promises to continue his family's "tradition of service." One would hope that at a minimum he could do better than that.


Bram Reichbaum said...

I'm told through back channels that he works for UPMC? or UPMC Health Plan? as a business... analyst?

Lyon Advocate said...


Please don't pass along half-truths. The whole story is that Adam has a no-show job at UPMC until he is ready to get in the family business in exchange for political favors (e.g., hey let's propose a tax on universities but ignore the 800 lbs non-profit gorilla). Also, it is my understanding that calls to "Friends of Adam Ravenstahl" (412.277.2116), are returned from the mayor's office during business hours. I wish I were making this up.

Anonymous said...

oh God, there's another one?

Dayvoe said...

Bram and Lyon;

Is there any chance you can get me in contact with your sources? I'd like to see if I can track down anything solid on this.


Lyon Advocate said...

One would think that UPMC HR would be able (obligated?) to confirm his employment, no? I know that I have to provide employer information for loans, references, etc. and I assume that they simply call HR to confirm my term of employment.

EdHeath said...

I would think that UPMC HR would verify employment stats to any legitimate inquiry, such as from a prospective employer or perhaps a legal inquiry. I doubt UPMC HR would respond to J Random Person, or even a blogger. In any event, i think all UPMC HR would verify is employment, not salary and under no circumstances would UPMC verify employing anyone in a "no-show" job. I personally doubt UPMC would actually have such a position, or take the risk of putting someone who belongs to a well known family in that position. Plus, given the behavior of Luke Ravenstahl, I would worry that Adam might be a loose cannon in a no-show job.

But stranger things have happened, especially around this 'burgh.