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October 26, 2011

The Fracktivist Vote

While it certainly feels like the all the election talk is about 2012, you do have the opportunity to elect some folks next month. And while the focus for November in these parts has been squarely centered on Fitzgerald vs. Raja (ugh and triple ugh), there are other races. If you want a reason to go to the polls -- and to feel good about your vote -- how about showing some love to the candidates who have taken a stand against fracking?

Who are these pols? There's a Facebook group for that: Marcellus at the Polls 2011

You'll want to click on the "Docs" link to find the list for PA.

Those of particular interest to Burghers include:
EUGENE DEPASQUALE (D) for Auditor General - running in 2012
Statewide Race
Facebook page:
Campaign website:
Platform (specific to mentioning his stance on drilling):

DAVID WECHT (D) for Superior Court
Statewide Race
Campaign Ad (31 seconds):
Campaign website:
Facebook page:
About the Superior Court:

KATHRYN BOOCKVAR for Commonwealth Court
Statewide Race
Campaign website:
One page resume:
Platform on Marcellus within body:

COREY O'CONNOR (D) for Pittsburgh City Council District 5
(formerly held by fracktivist Doug Shields)
Campaign website:
(Statement about fracking at the Facebook link above)
You can meet DePasquale this Sunday:
Join Eugene at a Steelers/Patriots Watch Party in Pittsburgh
Young Brother's Bar (1441 Woods Run Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA)
Between 3:00 and 8:00 this Sunday, October 30th
Complimentary admission for all.
Please RSVP or send questions to Liz Wagenseller at
Also, while I'm not thrilled about Wecht's cutesy, Fitzgerald-syle, family TV ad currently running (really, I don't care what your kids think of any of you pols unless you're, say, beating them), he actually has an ad about fracking which you can view here.

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Joshua said...

During his interview with the Post Gazette editorial board, O'Connor stated that he was AGAINST the council's ban on drilling.

This is similar to the double speak he has about being pro-choice but accepting funds from a pro-life PAC.

Try to find out his real views on these topics, if you can...