Democracy Has Prevailed.

April 1, 2005

What if the Right is Right?

With all the media coverage of the Schiavo case the phrase "Culture of Life" has come up plenty of times. Many Republican politicians say that they are for the Culture of Life (and imply that the Democrats are for a "Culture of Death"). Well, I want to be open-minded about this. What if the Republicans are right? What if they are fighting the Good Fight? If that's true, in 100 years or so, we may be seeing something like this:
UPDATE: Woo Hoo! Cross-posted this a DAILY KOS and got Recommended Diary Status. UPDATE #2: thanks to it's back up @ KOS and I put them back up @ another AOL address here. UPDATE #3: Due to the overwhelming response to these images when they were crossposted on Daily KOS and picked-up elsewhere, I've created a store where you can buy cards, stickers, T-shirts, etc. Only Cheney the Defender product available at the moment but more will be added soon. Click below and book mark it:



Maria said...

Cross-posted at DAILY KOS

hehehe I got Recommended Diary status for this.

RepubAnon said...

Well deserved, too! Please make some parody candles with these images - or at least some coffee mugs.

And for a sound track:

I don't care if it rains of freezes
'Long as I got my Plastic Jesus
Riding on the dashboard of my car.
Through my trials and tribulations
And my travels through the nations
With my Plastic Jesus I'll go far.

Here's a link to the lyrics and actual rendition of Jesus at the link.

lawnorder said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like you overloaded your picture server. You may want to try a place like imageshack.

Dayvoe said...

Doug R is correct.

We overloaded the picture server.

We'll try to get the pics up as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Keep up the good work

subutane said...

Please keep doing this. These images are worth 10,000 blogs!

Shawn said...

Very witty. Very well done. Still, no matter HOW hard I try, I cannot imagine lil' Annie in a nun's habit.