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February 9, 2006

About Lynn

So Scranton has dropped out. And then there was One Swann. (OK there's someone else but who even knows it or cares?)

There are 12 paragraphs on Lynn Swann's bio page on his website. After the first brief paragraph that basically says he was born, the next five are about sports.

I never visited Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign site, but I wonder if he had this much info about his body builder/movie career...I kind of doubt it.

And speaking of Schwarzenegger, this is who Democrats need to constantly remind voters of in the upcoming race. AHRRNOLD has made a mess of things in Cali and the voters know it.

(with even less business experience)

UPDATE: Well, not so much an update but more of an 'aside" -- something that I forgot to mention.

I know that we are not allowed to mention race in this race, but since we mentioned Swann's website I have to say that if you came to the website from outer space and knew nothing of Pennsylvania, you might conclude from the pictures on it (top graphic, photo gallery, bio page, supporters page, etc.) that Lynn Swann and his family are the only African Americans in the state. I mean, he must know some...(Democrats) .

Go ahead and fire away.


Philip Shropshire said...

I can't believe Scranton dropped out. He's clearly better qualified than Swann. Swann isn't even Arnold. Arnold has always been a highly intelligent man, period. Swann, as far as I can tell, is a well spoken athlete who hasn't distinguished himself in anyway policy. In fact, his backers look to be casino owners, if that' s what that Hershey organization really is...Of course, Rendell, running on a ticket with Casey after publicly backing Alito isn't exactly getting me all excited...of course, if the GOP wins and the dems don't retake either chamber you're looking at an Ohio scenario. Gawd, I am so sick of of these bad vs. worst choices...

Philip Shropshire

PS: Uh, if I fail the word verification test does that mean that I'm a replicant with a four year lifespan or did the company make me different?

Anonymous said...

This is why the Republicans win. They pick the candidate they believe has the best chance to win, then clear the field to preserve money and get ready for the fall campaign. Too bad dems can't do the same.

Jonathan Potts said...

Well, that strategy didn't work too well with Mike Fischer. They cleared the field for him and Rendell cleaned his clock. And it was that kind of thinking that gave us the John Kerry candidacy.

Is that your real name, or are you a "Rosemary's Baby" fan?

Anonymous said...

Rs win more than Ds because they clear the field. Obviously doesn't always work, but more often than not it does. Nobody cleared the field for Kerry, he won a very contested Iowa primary.

Anonymous said...

Philip - good catch on the name! Onorato had a chance to win because Dems got Wagner and others to step aside and allow Onorato to focus on Roddey. It is a winning stategy. Scranton had worked for 2 years on his run, but they got him to withdraw because they know how to play the game. Dems should do the same and not blow this amazing opportunity to take out the right wingers in Congress. Nominate the wrong candidate, or promote a costly primary, and we'll regret it in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Look how well clearing the way worked for Hoeffel...(/snark)

Anonymous said...

PS: Uh, if I fail the word verification test does that mean that I'm a replicant with a four year lifespan or did the company make me different?

Neither: It means that you wondered into a different movie and are the spawn of Satan. (The Year is One!)

Jonathan Potts said...

That was me who recognized your Ralph Bellamy reference.

The Dems' compressed their primary schedule to produce an early winner. So, no, they didn't handpick the winner. Certainly, the idea of electability, however, led to Kerry's success in Iowa, which led to New Hampshire, etc.

I certainly would agree that Republicans are more disciplined when it comes to falling in line behind a candidate that doesn't please all of their constituencies.

Anonymous said...

And thus...more successful in elections.