Democracy Has Prevailed.

February 14, 2006

Cheney "ignored his responsibility" to the American People

Guess who said that?

The person who said that also said "The responsibility for handling this, of course, was Cheney's."

While the apologists for the Bush regime snap to attention and try to blame this whole mess on anything BUT dead-eye Dick ("Whittington should have made some noise." or "The Washington Press corp is just mad that some little Texas newspaper broke the story instead of them." or "Those Bush haters just want Whittington to die!") Marlin Fitzwater, Ronald Reagan's press secretary is "appalled by the handling" of this situation. He said:
"What [Cheney] should have done was call his press secretary and tell her what happened and she then would have gotten a hold of the doctor and asked him what happened. Then interview [ranch owner] Katharine Armstrong to get her side of events and then put out a statement to inform the public."
Fitzwater also said:
"They could have done all of that in about two hours on Saturday. It is beyond me why it was not done this way."
Wait there's more:
If [Cheney's] press secretary had any sense about it at all, she would have gotten the story together and put it out. Calling AP, UPI, and all of the press services. That would have gotten the story out and it would have been the right thing to do, recognizing his responsibility to the people as a nationally elected official, to tell the country what happened," Fitzwater added.

"Secondly, it would have been confined to the vice president. By not telling anyone for 24 hours, it made it a White House story. Now it has become 'when was the president notified?', 'why didn't he put it out?' It becomes a story about the White House handling of it."
Now even other conservatives (the sane ones, at least) think the Bush White House screwed up.

In the end, it only shows the contempt the man has for his constituency and for the country he's currently ruining.


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