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February 20, 2006

Liberal Media? WHAT Liberal Media??

Peter Daou of recently issued a challenge. Here's it is:
So here's my challenge to rightwing bloggers who assail the media for liberal bias (and to journalists who think it's all a he-said-she-said pissing match): Back up your claims. With concrete examples of bias. And without the tautological crutch that any story critical of the administration is proof of liberal bias. [emphasis in original]
He's posted some results. He writes:
So while the crickets chirped, I waited for the inevitable tide of rightwing blog posts and emails proving me wrong and demonstrating, once and for all, that pervasive claims of liberal media bias are indeed true. No such luck. All I've gotten so far is a trickle of posts, which I attribute to one of three things: either rightwing bloggers weren't aware of my challenge, they didn't think it warranted a response, or they lack the evidence to back up their claims.
He's skeptical of the first as the post was linked to a number of high visibility sites. Of the second, he writes:
I'll grant that the second possible explanation for the dearth of reactions, namely that my post simply didn't merit a response, is perfectly plausible. Just because I issued a challenge doesn't mean I should automatically expect a response.
And he concludes:
Still, to my mind, the third option seems the most likely, i.e. that there really isn't evidence to undergird the assault on the media on the part of the right.
It's a good read. Sure to flummox the more conservative readers of this blog. But if you do have evicence of liberal bias in the media, I am sure Peter Daou would love to hear from you.


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