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February 17, 2006

Yeah, I'm still talking about Deadeye Dick

If only because the lies and secrecy and "management" of the press over Cheney shooting an elderly man in the face and chest is emblematic of this whole fetid and corrupt administration...and, because we had years of talking about another dick.

So here's the questions that still remain:

1. What did Cheney see when he took the shot?
A. From AmericaBlog:

"The image of him falling is something I will never be able to get out my mind," Cheney said, somberly. "It was one of the worst days of my life."
If you could see him the split second AFTER you shot him, then you could see him the split second BEFORE you shot him. So either Cheney could see the guy, and shot him anyway (which completely contradicts what Cheney's people have been saying for 5 days now), or Cheney couldn't see the guy and he's now lying to the nation in order to incur our sympathy.

B. From firedoglake (you may need to scroll a bit depending on your browser):

In the report Cheney also notes that Whittington was at a lower elevation than him, and that's why he got hit in the face. From the GPS coordinates given I did a 100ft circle around that to see the changes in elevation and they are less than 1 Foot.
2. How close was Cheney to his victim?
From the International Herald Tribune:

Veteran hunters and shooting experts said Thursday that they still did not understand how the vice president injured his fellow hunting partner so badly if he was actually 30 yards away as Cheney says.

"It just doesn't add up," said John Kelly, a quail hunter from New York with more than 36 years of experience. "With a shotgun, the pellets spread out the further you get, and for that many pellets to hit such a small part of this man's body means Mr. Cheney was far closer" than the 27-meter distance cited.
3. Why was the "designated witness" someone in a car over a football field away?
From BarbinMD at Daily KOS:

Armstrong said she saw Cheney's security detail running toward the scene. "The first thing that crossed my mind was he had a heart problem," she told The Associated Press.

This is Armstrong admitting that the first evidence she saw that alerted her that something was wrong was the Secret Service running to help. And that she thought it was Cheney who was in trouble.

This says, to me at least, that she did not see the accident at all.

4. Was the reason why Armstrong was used as the "designated witness" because Cheney was trying to hide his own Lewinsky?
A. From Bob Cesca at the Huffington Post:

Sirius radio's Alex Bennett just broke a rumor that the delay in reporting the news that Cheney shot an old man in the heart was due to an effort to hide or spin Cheney's female companion.

Pamela Willeford (shown right), ambassador to Switzerland and -- yes -- Liechtenstein, was part of the hunting excursion with Cheney and Whittington. And according to Willeford's account, Cheney and the ambassador were side-by-side when the shooting of Whittington took place.

The vice president's Secret Service detail had to decide what to do with Willeford by way of perhaps covering up her relationship with Cheney, and thus the delay in reporting the news.

The rumor goes that Lynn Cheney isn't happy with Cheney's close relationship with Willeford.

Again, just a rumor.

B. From firedoglake:
name: Pamela Willeford
race: white (duh...)
age: 50ish
sex: f (duh...)
occupation: US Ambassadress to Switzerland
last seen: Sat. 2/11/06, on a ranch in Texas, in the company of the V-POTUS
details: Ms. Willeford is missing after an incident involving firearms and alcohol. SHE MAY BE IN GRAVE DANGER. Please report any information immediately to the authorities.
5. Why didn't the White House Doctors send a trauma victim to the nearest trauma hospital?
From firedoglake:

I have every reason to believe the White House docs in Cheney's traveling ICU have excellent trauma medicine skills.

So I have all the more reason to ask what they were thinking of when they decided that the 78 year old victim of severe gunshot wounds needed the slow ambulance ride to the local non-trauma hospital - rather than the fast chopper ride to the trauma center?


At the smaller hospital there would be fewer prying eyes- and it's possible some of em knew a doc there who could be counted on. Once they went to the big hospital- the chances of keeping it covered up evaporated.
6. What role did alcohol play?
From Think Progress:

The sheriff’s report does not address this question. The report does not indicate that the sheriff’s office ever took a breathalyzer test or any other blood-alcohol test. Moreover, the report indicates that although the sheriff’s office was contacted at 5:30 pm on Saturday night, they waited until 8:00 am the next morning to interview Cheney.

The report does claim that when Harry Whittington was finally interviewed on Monday, the interviewing officer said Whittington “explained foremost there was no alcohol during the hunt.” Today, Whittington’s doctors said again that they had “no comment” about whether blood tests have revealed any alcohol in his blood.

The sheriff’s report doesn’t address the question. That’s why McClellan needs to.
7. Why didn't Cheney go to the hospital with the man he shot? Wouldn't you?
From Crooks and Liars:

FRANKEN: And you have to ask yourself the following questions. Why didn't he go to the hospital if-he went back to the ranch and had dinner. Now, if you are so worried-he said that he didn‘t get the story out because he wasn‘t sure how serious this was.

If you are so concerned about how serious this is, you go to the hospital. He said-when he was asked by Brit Hume in this very softball interview, you know, did you go on—in the ambulance, he went, well, no. There wasn‘t enough—it was very crowded, and they didn‘t need another body.

Well, the—he—there‘s plenty of vans that he could have gone to the hospital in. So, it begs the question...

SCARBOROUGH: You are making a good point. You are making a good point, that, had I shot somebody, had you shot somebody, we certainly would have rushed to the hospital, even if we were vice president of the United States.

I'm just asking...


And because I could use a laugh (and you probably could too):

"Dickie and The Trigger Happy Birdie Killers" singing "Go Fuck Yourself".
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Rob said...

1. What did Cheney see?

Tunnel vision. The brain does not actually see the world. Everything is "chunked" into segments. If you aren't expecting to see something, there's a good chance you'll miss it. Only when the friend started falling did Cheney recognize him as his friend. I've got no doubt on this one.

2. 30 feet, based on pellet impact, not 30 yards. The guy got hosed with buckshot.

3. Because Dick and Harry haven't taken a hunter's safety course. They think they know better since they're old hands at hunting. The entire group must be this way -- they shoot each other all the time! Morons.

4. I don't believe you dignified that rumor. Yeesh. What, you've been taking lessons on "swiftboating" from the Republicans?

5. Chest wounds and choppers can be a problem. Based on the patient's condition, a "slow" ambulance ride was probably preferable. As a paramedic, I'd have probably called for a chopper, but if I'm sitting there with MDs with surgical training, I'd choose the ambulance. Even if you want the helicopter, there's a question of whether one's available, and whether you're willing to risk it on Cheney's friend when Cheney might need it.

Ok, I also happen to hate flying anymore. Still, what the doctors did was reasonable.

6. HIPPA means the doctors cannot comment on the patient's EtOH levels. Cheney should not have had any alcohol before the hunt, but one beer would not have produced serious impairment and, by the time the shooting occurred, there would have been negligible EtOH in the VP...assuming one standard beer only and that it wasn't an 80 oz. Old English 800.

7. A. Force of habit: you don't ever send the shooter to the same hospital as the vic. Of course, I'm used to dealing with shot gang members.... B. Cheney would have been a distraction, what with Secret Service and all that crap. Better he didn't go.

Cheney screwed up. I wish he'd announce he's giving up hunting, for the sake of us gun owners. He acted irresponsibly, and a sacrifice like that would go a long way toward making an important point: You only shoot when you know both what you're looking at and what's behind what you're looking at.

Cheney ought to be B-slapped for brushing off the cops, not getting a BAC drawn immediately, and for not notifiying the press in a reasonable time: Immediately was not reasonable, but neither was 21 hours.

For all that, it was a mistake, not something worthy of a season-long arc on the X-Files.

If you're going to go after Cheney, there's lots more legit stuff to take on.

Anonymous said...

You guys are pathetic. The Sheriff's office down there closed the case. You guys just cannot let it go. Cheney even admitted and took FULL responsibility for what he did, and yet that's not good enough for you guys. Hmmmm, I don't remember you guys getting upset when the Clintons didn't step up to plate regarding Vince Foster.

Let's move on to more. What are your comments on the tapes that have been uncovered with Saddam Hussein talking about future terrorism to hit the United States? He even admitted to weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq. Gee, I don't hear you guys talking about this. Why? Because the "no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" card would be a complete nose dive on your part. Your silence on this speaks volumes.

Again, when a Democrat is involved, it's just different...right?

Anonymous said...

djhlights said...

Number 2 is easily demostrated at 30 YARDS by this video I posted a couple days ago over at my place.

Most of the confussion with this is the gauge of the gun, which took some time to be confirmed. Cheney used a 28 gauge, not a 12. By choosing that weapon the spread of the pellets is actually more compact over longer distances. That is why it is typically used for smaller game.

The pattern that is generally shown in the media in computer mock ups I have seen on tv show the diameter of the spray even tighter, so one can presume that the actual distance was closer. Still from 30 yards 200 pieces of shot can land in the face, neck, and chest of a human target.