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March 26, 2006

Short note about Jack Kelly

From his blog:
People who read the post below may wonder why I did not report on the good things the 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard has done in Iraq. The reason is I've been fired as the national security writer. I've been forbidden to write news stories about national defense.
I'm not sure whether he means the Post-Gazete or the Toledo Blade. But no matter. Jack explains:
What happened was this: My column in September about the response to Hurricane Katrina was the subject of a hit piece on David Brock's Web site, Media Matters. The criticisms were a piece of crap, which I was able to demonstrate. But it got the Lefties among the editors here and (especially) at our sister paper in Toledo all exercised.

I seem to recall something about that. Here's Jack's column. And here's what Kelly calls Media Matters' "hit piece." And here's Kelly's response.

You can read it all and decide for yourself. Just as Jack Kelly's bosses have decided and (in his words) "fired [him] as the national security reporter."

Of course it's all the fault of all the "Lefties" on those editorial boards. The fault can't possibly lie with Jack.

Of course not.

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Justin said...

Has there been any further news on this? Call me crazy, but Kelly's column has long been a stain on the PG's newsprint.