Democracy Has Prevailed.

May 23, 2006

Crying Wolf

"Intimidating and scaring my family - and they feel threatened, let me assure you - that is thuggery."
- Tricky Ricky

"We are writing to express our outrage regarding the actions of your campaign, which have put our six young children at a serious safety risk."
- Mr. & Mrs. Tricky Ricky

Question: How can Tricky Ricky Santorum's kids be at risk from anyone at a Penn Hills, Pennsylvania property when they live in a near million dollar home in Virginia?
Answer: Beats me.

Question: Why did Mrs. Tricky Ricky call the U.S. Capitol Police to report someone supposedly trespassing at a property in Pennsylvania?
Answer: She forgot the area code for Penn Hills (we're guessing).

Question: How many more times will Tricky Ricky hide behind his children and cry wolf?
Answer: This isn't the first time, so we doubt it will be the last.

Question: What does crying wolf make Tricky Ricky?
Answer: As Atrios would say:

Question: Will Tricky Ricky use the nasty trespassing charges in any more commercials?
Answer: God, let's hope so! It manages to make milquetoast Bob Casey look more butch!


lenatlast said...

when will someone drag him kicking & screaming OUT of the closet.....for christ sake already

Maria said...

Sorry, we want him kept in a VIRGINIA.