Democracy Has Prevailed.

August 22, 2006

And in keeping with this religious vein...

It seems that there actually are atheists in foxholes -- and they are pissed at being constantly told that they don't exist.

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Sherry Pasquarello said...

yes, i'd be po'd as well. funny how a saying gets started and is somehow given the status of a universal truth.

in a sort of similar vein and also that of the wiccan soldier's widow and her fight to have his faith symbolized in stone along with the others...
i know a soldier that served in iraq, might very well be going back, anyway, he and a friend went to visit a shrine being constructed for the troops. the builder of the project was proud that they had included "all" the faiths of the troops. my friend pointed out that there was no symbol for the buddhist faith. the man said, "there are no buddhists in the service, which my friend and his buddy proved wrong as they pulled out their dogtags and showed him.
there are all faiths and none and gays and straights and bi and the entire cross section of humanity in the service of our country
it's about time people thought that maybe the fact that foxholes are needed in this world is the problem!