Democracy Has Prevailed.

September 5, 2006

Mr. Stand-up Guy!

The year: 2004

The day: May 11

The event: pre-YouTube (damn it!)

That's the day City Councilman Jim Motznik -- the self-described only stand-up guy on Pittsburgh City Council -- when approached by WTAE on a public sidewalk about his spending irregularities:
"...took off...ducks into the Grant Building, then breaks into a run...After turning the corner...darts into a bank branch...keeps running past bank customers and out the back door onto Fourth Street."
WTAE no longer has the video available at thepittsburghchannel, so I'll quote John McIntire's description from The City Paper:
I guess Channel 4 isn’t kidding with that “action” thing. The video is as hysterical as it is pathetic. The buzz at City Hall was predictable. What was he thinking? Even if you’re a lying hypocrite, you face the camera, mumble something like “mistakes may have been made, and my office is investigating.” Then you come up with a plausible lie that is at least marginally supportable, reimburse the city, and move on with your disingenuous career. Simple!

But Jimmy da sewer rat ran like Jerome Bettis in his good years, darting and dashing with dexterity and aplomb. It was as if he had just stolen candy at the drug store and Officer McParsons happened to be walkin’ the beat in the neighborhood. “Ah, little Jimmy boy! Is that a Baby Ruth in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

Mr. Sewer Boots was not glad to see him. Instincts kicked in and Motznik beat feet.
Not only does he stand up, he runs fast!

There's lots to be said on today's events and I believe that The Other Political Junkie is working on that now, but I did want to remind you all of a kinder, gentler time in Motznik's career.

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