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September 28, 2006

News on the Altmire Campaign

Got a press release this afternoon that says that Jason Altmire's been added on to the DCCC "Emerging Races" list. From the DCCC page.
The DCCC Emerging Races list is made up of candidates who have taken traditionally non-competitive districts and, through the strength of their campaigns, put themselves in a position to win in November.
So I guess this means that the DCCC thinks Altmire can win. But here's the real news (again from the DCCC website):
“With less than two months to go, the DCCC is excited to give our top candidates the necessary strategic and financial boost they will need to win in November,said Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee."

That has to be good news for the Altmire Campaign and bad news for the Hart Campaign.

From the press release:
“I am grateful for this vote of confidence from the DCCC. Their decision to add my campaign to the Emerging Races list clearly demonstrates the strong momentum my campaign has been gaining in recent weeks,” said Altmire.

The decision by the DCCC to include Altmire’s campaign on the Emerging Races list comes after a recent poll showing a statistical dead heat in Pennsylvania’s 4th district. Vulnerable incumbent Melissa Hart fell under the majority mark with 48% to Altmire’s 44%. These numbers fall within the poll’s 4.9% margin of error.
Just think - all this in a district that Missy Hart won with a whopping 63% of the vote two years ago.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This guy's in the news every day. He seems to be putting it together at just the right time. I think he can win.

Anonymous said...

Georgia Berner just endorsed Jason too...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely everything is lining up for the Altmire campaign. He's got ALOT of Republican support building, too. Not from the die hards, but from the moderate Republicans who think Rick Santorum is a lunatic. Missy Hart hasn't done squat for PA's 4th Congressional district, this is the first time she's had a strong enough opponent for the backlash to really snowball.