Democracy Has Prevailed.

September 10, 2006

Pics from Markos in the Burgh

(Because, you know, we're like on a first name basis now.)

First, if you haven't yet. Go buy his book Crashing the Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics (now in paperback). And, make sure to buy if from the good folks at Joseph-Beth who hosted this event.

Go ahead.

I'll wait.

Got it?


Markos speaks

We listen

An early shot of the crowd

The crowd kept growing throughout the event
and was quickly standing room only
(Hey! Is that "Mad Mom" in the Kos T-shirt and shorts?)

Markos speaks some more

There was a Q&A session -- just guessing, but this pic may have been
snapped when Philip from Three Rivers Online asked a question

Maria, Markos & Dayvoe

Later, Markos attended a special Daily Kos edition of Liberally Drinking at Claddagh Irish Pub.

Here's pictures from that:

I have to say that he seems like a very sweet, friendly guy.

A good time was had by all!


More pics and other coverage at Froth Slosh B'Gosh, A Spork in the Drawer, and Multi Medium.


Ol' Froth said...

Didja notice how Eli and Spork's pics look great, and mine look like crap?

Anonymous said...


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Gee whiz girlfriend, get some plastic surgery already. No wonder you are a very spiteful, arrogant, no good, unfriendly, self centered individual.

Anonymous said...


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Shocked, that be the most hilarious thing I read all day. Now why don't you go back to "" where you belong?

Tim Murray said...

It seems a congenital idiot has wandered onto the Comment Page. Too bad he, she or it never learned to communicate in the English language because it would be an interesting exercise to study what passes for the thought processes of one of these primitive creatures.

I agree with ol' froth -- pictures came out well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous sounds like a sperm burpin gutter whore.

Anonymous said...

Let's get our anonymous' straight, shall we? Anonymous is not Shocked, Anonymous was mocking the poor language skills of Shocked, and the inherent message of Anonymous was that comments like these should be mostly ignored, except for when they are so ridiculously funny that you want to ridicule them.

Anonymous deeply believes in inner beauty and anyone such as Shocked who speaks with such vituperation can not have any respect for themselves and are ugly inside, which is far worse than being ugly outside, which Maria isn't anyway, which is why this Anonymous (Anonymous 1)thinks that shocked is someone who may have been misdirected from the site.

Anonymous loves Maria!

Anonymous said...

Hey Maria! It was great meeting you Saturday night at the Kos shindig! Good pics you got here, kiddo! Hope to see you again soon.

Mad Mom

Unknown said...

Ah yes..trolls always post anonymously don't they?

Anonymous said...


Sherry Pasquarello said...

ah, class abounds in some of these comments.

i wonder about the mental/emotional state and maturity of anyone that can sit back and feel like they have somehow scored points for themselves by being so nasty and childish.

goes to prove that they have nothing of substance to say on politics or on much of anything.

Anonymous said...

Shocked is an ass.

Maria said...

Ol Froth: Yes. LOL

Anonymous: I got the joke. Maria loves Anonymous!

Judge: As I am terminally jealous of your mention in the freaking NEW YORK TIMES, I will no longer be speaking to you, besides, I'm sure you won't have time anymore for the "little people." (CONGRATS!) :-)

Mad Mom: It was really nice meeting you too! I'm sure we will run into each other again.

Dusty: Ain't that the truth...LOL

Though I believe that "Shocked" used to comment here (quite viciously) under his real name until he vowed to go away and never came back -- but did -- you just can't trust those Rethuglicans.

Then, he emailed me -- all apologies -- trying to get me to go in with him on some kind of team blog.

After I laughed my butt off and forwarded the email to Dayvoe (who laughed his butt off) I did truly mean to answer him back, but forgot.

The troll shut down his blog a couple of weeks later.

He's obviously still obsessed with 2pj from the hurt tone of his comments...

Anonymous (2): Isn't it funny how when I look at that picture, I see a bunch of people listening intently to the guy speaking in a noisy bar and you see the opposite. Of course, I WAS there so I know who's right.

Sherry P: You're absolutely right.

Janet: Yep


Shocked/TrollBraden (?): FYI: Insulting a woman like that works really well when she's preteen and in her teens, pretty well when she's in her 20s, less well when she's in her 30s, but by the time she's 47 freakin' years old like me, a woman has pretty much come to terms with her looks be they good, bad or indifferent.

Nice try though!

I bet you were a real hit on the playground.

Anonymous said...

Man oh man, Braden is still a giant pasty loser who doesn't get the most important things in life: true beauty comes from the heart and soul inside a person. Dave and Maria, you guys are two of the most beautiful people ever!

Thanks for speaking the truth guys!

Braden, go to see your priest, rabbi, minister, or shaman and ask for spiritual help now before your GOP pals bring on the Rapture and you go straight to hell because of your hateful ways.

The Original,
Anon #2

Anonymous said...

Yea, Markos was okay, but meeting the Junkies, Now that was cool

Anonymous said...

I am very late to this party, and was sorry I didn't get a chance to introduce myself to MariainPgh at the bookstore (we were running to make an 8:30 reservation!) So, Maria, thanks for the great pictures. Now that I know where I can find some liberal bloggers in the 'burgh, I'll be checking in regularly. What a great event it was - I am still feeling the "charge!"

(I am not really "Anonymous" - I'm Pandoras Box at DailyKos - I just don't have time to sign up for an account right now.)

Maria said...

And, I got to meet Randy!

But not Pandoras Box. :-(

Anonymous (2): you are an original and can't be confused with any other anonymous posters!