Democracy Has Prevailed.

September 22, 2006

What We Have Lost

  • The belief in fair and free elections

  • A wall of separation between Church and State

  • The feeling of safety from foreign attack within our borders

  • The confidence that we can freely criticize our own government without reprisal

  • Freedom of speech that is truly free and not for sale to the highest bidder

  • The belief that preemptive war can only be justified by an imminent threat of
    attack or a clear and present danger

  • The belief that our government wouldn't blatantly lie to those who give
    the last full measure of devotion

  • Usury as a negative, and the belief that a person who plays by the rules but
    meets with financial disaster deserves a second chance

  • A fair day's pay for a fair day's work for too many

  • The ability to pay for even basic healthcare for too many

  • Too many local, independent choices/voices in newspapers and radio and
    television stations

  • Too many reproductive freedoms for women in too many states

  • Scientific and research reports issued by our government that aren't
    thoroughly soaked in politics or influenced by religious beliefs

  • The belief that our government can be counted on to respond forcefully
    and competently to natural disasters

  • The belief that our personal phone calls and emails are private

  • Any real check or balance to the executive branch

  • A belief in habeas corpus

  • The ability to state that America does not torture

  • Our good name and reputation, and the goodwill of much of the rest
    of the world