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March 21, 2007

Luke Ravenstahl's Big Bad Media Day

You don't need to be a PR professional to know that it's not a good thing to have the following words and phrases associated with your name, administration, or campaign. Yet, in the past 24 hours, or so, this is what the mainstream media is saying about Pittsburgh Interim Mayor Luke Ravenstahl:
From this news article:
"...but he changed his story..."

"...he did not know where he ate."

"...he did not remember what part of town he spent the night."

"This wasn't the first Ravenstahl denial to turn into an admission..."

From this/this news article/s: [NOTE: article was updated later in the day.]
"...but later changed his story"

" ethical breach..."

"...following a similar denial-turned admission..."

"...credibility problem..."

"These things more reinforce the questions people have about his maturity."

"He ought to be taken out to the woodshed by his political supporters and reminded he's a public official."

"...should not have lied about it..."

"...could be considered a conflict of interest..."

From this news article:
" array of ethics questions touching Mr. Ravenstahl and his campaign for re-election."

From this MSM reporter's blog:
"The real story here is that the mayor lied."

"He later said he couldn't even remember when they went to dinner."

"Where the mayor messed up was not being up front..."

"Mayor, the truth is is a wonderful thing. Please use it. You will find it takes a lot less work to be honest than to lie."

From this other MSM reporter's blog:
"...did you lie to to the Tribune-Review reporter when he asked you if you went to New York City? "

"Is it using your public office to leverage political support?"

"...when we questioned you about that, you weren't truthful about that. You weren't truthful to ( Tribune-Review reporter ) Mr. Boren about your trip to New York. What about your integrity? What does this say about your integrity? What do you say to the people of Pittsburgh about your integrity in light of these two situations?

"You weren't honest with me..."

"You weren't honest with Jeremy Boren."

"Come on, you're splitting hairs."

"But are you spitting hairs?"

"Isn't that a bit too cozy..."

" did not lie to the Tribune-Review?"

"Are you worried about your credibility?"

"Sienna Miller wasn't there?" [NOTE: Bringing up an association with Sienna Miller may only be a problem in Pittsburgh.]

From this TV news report:
" the middle of another controversy tonight."

" a lot of hot water"

"...lied to the Trib..."

" did not lie to the Tribune Review?"

"...wishes he had been more forthright..."

"...handcuffing and detention at a Steelers game..." [NOTE: While a problem elsewhere, this phrase may be seen as a plus to some Pittsburghers.]

From this TV news report:
" hot water..."

"...finally acknowledged..."

"...later acknowledged the truth"

"...sticky issues under city ethics code..."

"...misrepresenting a trip to New York..."

"...latest Ravenstahl problem..."

From this opinion piece:
"Time to call shenanigans on Luke Ravenstahl."

"It's more polite than calling the Pittsburgh mayor deceitful, though that works equally well."

"Ravenstahl seems to be cultivating a reputation for playing fast and loose with the truth."

"Be on the lookout for the "Peduto or Pinocchio" billboards."

From this editorial:
"Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has a problem -- obfuscation"

"...the Trib caught Ravenstahl in another tap dance."

"So, why the obfuscation?"

"And as he should be more worried -- now that he tried to hide his trip."

From this cartoon:

From this/this news article/s: [NOTE: article was updated later in the day.]
"...the mayor saw a networking opportunity rather than an ethical question."

"...but does not keep a tally to ensure that he's complying with them." [city's limits on such gratuities]

'The city's code of conduct says an elected official "shall not solicit or accept from an interested party ... anything of value..."'

'The city's charter says an elected official can't "solicit or receive any compensation, gratuity or other thing for any act done in the course of public work. This section shall be broadly construed and strictly enforced."'

"Ethics watchdogs said...wasn't a good move."

"...taken a minimalist approach to reporting financial information required annually under the charter."

This list is representative and is not exhaustive.

Also, expect more today.


Maria said...

NOTE: I have problems trying to play WTAE and WPXI videos on their websites, so there are no quotes from those stories. Not meant to be a slight to either station.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought that maybe The Tribune-Review is going after this story so hard is because of the Ron B. connect to the Bill Clinton White House? Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:26: Actually, I thought that Jeremy Boren went after the story because he's a good reporter who recognizes a political fraud, liar and act of ethical corruption when he sees one - the story has legs all on its own, regardless of any political connections Ron B. might have.

Gee, now who is it that's wearing the tin foil hat...

Maria said...

The Trib did not create the pattern of LIES that Luke has told.

Nor did they hold a gun to the heads of the P-G, KDKA, WTAE. WPXI, etc. to get them to cover this.

Spin on.

Anonymous said...

Good work on assembling these.

McArdle said...

By the by, everybody, I would like to point out that this is not the second instance of Luke lying to a reporter and having to admit his lie later, but the third.

The forgotten lie.

Maria said...

Yes, I posted on the THREE LIES that were documented in the MSM here and called into Marty Griffin's show yesterday to tell him that there were THREE LIES.

EdHeath said...

I found Rich Lord's story very interesting.

Apparently the Mayor does not think he needs to disclose his mortgage and loans; "Mr. Ravenstahl presented disclosure instructions that exclude mortgages and home equity loans and said he viewed that as binding on city forms." It just seems to me that this Mayor is operating from a default position of secrecy, disclosing information only when forced to. Rich Lord claims/suggests that the Mayor is not keeping a tally of things given to him, such as sporting event tickets. And Lord has a direct quote “"If there's any violation, which I don't believe that there is, then I need to be made aware of it," he said.”, referencing the value to his campaign of city mailed literature.

There is that saying in law: Res Ipsa Loquitur. The thing speaks for itself.

If the Mayor wants to get rich, he should go into business. Public service, at least in the internet age, means saying no to free stuff, no to taking advantage of public resources and no to concealing expenses.

Anonymous said...

Now that we the voters "know the truth" we better start working for politicians that have some integrity.
Lets get to the polls and make some noise.
Get Out the Vote, or do you just want some lying kid running our city.
Shame on us!

I guess we have the Controllers Race to look at. Hummmmm