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February 4, 2008

Anatomy Of A Smear

Remember this?

The Smear continues - but like all good current right-wing conspiracy theories, it involves Bill Clinton.

Here's the set up.
  • Senator McCain was tortured and interrogated at the "Hanoi Hilton."
  • The Hilton was run by the GRU.
  • The GRU was Soviet Military Intelligence.
  • The notes of these interrogations were initially written in Vietnamese.
  • They were translated into Russian by someone only identified as "T" (for "translator").
  • After the Soviet Union fell in 1991, the CIA and the GRU made a deal for a document swap.
  • All of T's translated notes are now in the hands of the CIA.
  • Bill Clinton had been a CIA asset from the first week he was at Oxford.
  • The CIA is a left-wing liberal group.
  • The CIA's main job recently is attacking conservatives generally and George W Bush in particular.
  • The Clintons have access to those notes.
  • The Clintons will blackmail John McCain into throwing the election in favor of - the Clintons.
I made none of that up. It's all in that article - disgusting as it is. Go see for yourself.

These are the folks we'll be arguing against this summer - regardless of the Democratic nominee. So hold on tight it's going to be a bumpy ride.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Bill Clinton who was responsible for the assassination of President Lincoln?

Anonymous said...

John K. says: You lefties will not vote for McCain over Clinton or Obama. In fact, come Sept., you left wing kooks will be using this blog to smear McCain in support of the liberal candidate. The info, of course, will be supplied by the Cliton camp via Olbermouth and Matthews. By the way, any Democrat Presidential candidate have any military experience. I thought 4 years ago that this issue was paramount. LOL LOL Oh my how the left wing kooks forget.

Anonymous said...

No, he's the guy that ratted out Major Andre.

Anonymous said...

I also hate the way he tortured Vince Foster.

CB Phillips said...

Why I will not vote for John McCain:

1) Big fan of Iraq war and has shown a disconnect from reality with regard to the current "success" he says is being enjoyed there.

2) Has shown no interest in, or ability to discuss in a coherent matter, problems with the economy, health care, and education.

3) He sucked up to Falwell and the rest of the religious wackos and, were he to win, I have no evidence that he would not continue to cater to their misguided wants via terrible policies (like throwing billions at abstinence education, wasting valuable time tackling nonissues like prayer in school and gay marriage, etc.)

There are other reasons, but these are probably my top 3.

As for the topic of this post, the Clinton smear, is it any wonder that Druggie was pushing this even though it was absolutely incorrect. Hmmm, what was that discussion we had the other day about DELIBERATE lies?

Anonymous said...

John K. says: The reality is that neither Olbermouth nor Matthews nor any lefty in here will vote for McCain. Oh you will chastise me for not voting for McCain. Use his veteran status, as you did with Dudding, to somehow make it appear I do not support the military. (Still haven't quite figured out how a Bronz Star equates to a liberal stance) But you liberals ain't going to vote McCain. You just want me to vote for McCain. By the way lefties, how is that Gen Betrayus thing working?

Anonymous said...

But you liberals ain't going to vote McCain.
Damn, fellas, John figured us out. (I hope he hasn't figured out that we wouldn't vote for Cheney, either. That would just ruin everything.)

C.H. said...

"Big fan of Iraq war and has shown a disconnect from reality with regard to the current "success" he says is being enjoyed there." said the cook

Please not this again. Why you far-left haters are so anxious to dispute the amazing progress that has been made in Iraq is beyond me. For a while now, I've wanted to believe that everyone wants success in Iraq regardless of there political affiliation. After all, who wouldn't want the people of Iraq to live in peace in a democratic and free nation?

But then you people make comments like the cook did. Your guys (moveon) put together that pathetic and shameful "betrayus" ad. Why did they do it? Because they were devastated to see that the general was going to say that things had indeed improved in Iraq. If he had come in and said that it was all a hopeless mess, the left would have embraced Petraeus as a hero and championed his credentials.

It's truly shameful

No matter how much things improved in Iraq, you people will never be satisfied. Your hatred towards the president is too extreme, and the idea of success is far too upsetting for you to comprehend.

Once again, I call on everyone to forget about their political affiliations and instead see the bigger picture. The Iraqis have risen up against extremism and there has been a dramatic turn of events over there. Things are looking up over there regardless of what you people say on this blog.

The far-left's assault on the liberation of Iraq is far, far more shameful than ANYTHING these nuts on the right can say about Sen. McCain. Don't get me wrong, these smears are terrible and have got to stop. But at the end of the day, it is you people who will inflict the most harm on the people of the world. People like Anne Coulter just amuse us with their stupid and ignorant statements, but the lives of millions of people hang in the balance if the far-left ever gets its way.

Anonymous said...

who wouldn't want the people of Iraq to live in peace in a democratic and free nation?
I know this one! Dubya!

you people will never be satisfied.
We'll be satisfied just as soon as the American government recognizes the will of its own people and the Iraqi people and leaves those poor folks alone.

The far-left's assault on the liberation of Iraq is far, far more shameful than ANYTHING these nuts on the right can say about Sen. McCain.
How far right does someone have to be to call 60% of the American public "far-left?"

People like Anne Coulter just amuse us with their stupid and ignorant statements
Apparently you Wingnuts are easily amused.

the lives of millions of people hang in the balance if the far-left ever gets its way.
Correct. At the moment, those millions of lives are being snuffed out, and we -- the 60% of us who are "far-left" -- will bring them back into balance.

One more writing tip: Every 20 or 30 comments, try to insert a fact into your posts rather than unrelieved, unsupported opinion. You know, write something like "Hitler was a Catholic." or "It's Feb 4 and 50 degrees in Pittsburgh."

Anonymous said...

Great moments in "amazing progress," as recounted by C.H.:

1. The totally awesome progress in Iraq (and inexpensive, too, whether viewed from the perspective of dollars expended or blood spilled).

2. The absolutely amazing game played by New England in this week's Super Bowl.

3. The awesomely fantastic baseball played by the Pittsburgh Pirates for 15 seasons.

4. The amazingly wonderful performance of Joe Biden, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter and Dennis Kucinich in this year's races for presidential nominations.

5. The awesomely amazing job the Iron City Beer folks have done for the past decade.

6. By now, I suspect you can fill in the adjectives and the comparable accomplishments.

The chance that the American invasion and attempted occupation of Iraq will result in "success" resembles the likelihood that Luke Ravenstahl will resign to accept a scholarship to Harvard Medical School.

Any argument based on a forecast of "success" in Iraq seems stillborn.

C.H. said...

I don't really pay to much attention to this guy ravenstahl.

Out here in San Francisco, it ain't much of an issue. However, left-wing kooks affected with BDS (Bush derangement syndrome) are very much a problem.

Shitrock, you don't have to use the same old lies over and over again you know. Instead of saying that Hitler was an avid Christian, why don't you just tell people that you have a martian living with you or something like that?

Aren't you supposed to be proud members of the reality-based community?

(It's 46 degrees here in san fran by the way)

C.H. said...

"the 60% of us who are "far-left" -- will bring them back into balance."


The cries of 800,000 men, women, and children went unanswered in the forgotten hills of Rwanda. Wasn't s leftie in the white house then?

Why should we believe your plan to abandon the people of Iraq solely for political purposes would be any different?

EdHeath said...

Well, at the moment I'm not going to vote for McCain because he is advocating making the Bush tax cuts permanent.

As for Iraq, I don't know, it seems like we are hearing about bombs killing policemen and civilians again. The effect of the surge may have leveled off or diminished, or maybe the opposition has simply turned to killing Iraqis. Obviously the ideal solution would be if either Arab or European troops could be substituted for ours, although neighboring countries might have scores to settle and Europeans have the whole colonialist thing going. Staying in Iraq indefinitely with one hundred and sixty thousand soldiers at whatever the cost is starts to seem like a fool’s game. So many of the professional class in Iraq have left or been killed, so many leaders who have stepped forward apparently have been killed. Maybe the next president, regardless of party, will emphasize a diplomatic solution and actually achieve something.

And yes, Clinton did nothing while genocide occurred in Rwanda, having been burned in Somalia. I read “A Problem from Hell”, FWIW. Its not clear Clinton could have done a whole lot, but certainly he could have done more. Its easy for us to condemn on moral grounds, but the view from the White House is a lot more complicated. Clinton was a good but not great president, Bush has not risen to even that tepid standard.

Anonymous said...

C.H., I am concerned.

There is no logical cohesion to your 12:31 pm post, and it really doesn't address anything in the post you seem to be answering.

Is everything all right, or have your hysterical efforts to justify the extremist views of Rush, Ann, and Bill finally driven your intellect into retreat? Will your writing continue to be directed by this negativity and counterproductive emotion?

I certainly hope not. For one thing, we already have too many folks like that "contributing" to this blog. For another, it's much more fun to demolish the fragile, ill-constructed, badly written folderol from Republicans who give the appearance of rationality.

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow folderol, schmuck? LOVE that word (seriously). John K. is probably wondering why you are referring to a popular cleaning/dusting product, but there's no getting around that, I guess.

Anonymous said...

It is my pleasure to bequeath the word "folderol" to my good and sensible friend Fill. Wear it proudly and in good health.