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June 30, 2008

Help Save HB 2200!

From PennFUTURE:

Urgent Alert - Help Save Energy Conservation

Your state senator is a key player in the effort to move crucial legislation that will help Pennsylvanians save about 20 percent on their electricity bills and cut global warming pollution. Politics is holding up HB 2200, the energy conservation bill. You can help get HB 2200 moving. Ask your state senator to request that Senator Dominic Pileggi, Senate Majority Leader, to support HB 2200 in the final budget agreement.

Just click here to take action. This legislation must pass before the General Assembly takes its summer vacation.

Please do this today!



Sherry Pasquarello said...

i did. thanks.

Laura said...

(CNN) -- The North Pole may be briefly ice-free by September as global warming melts away Arctic sea ice, according to scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado.


Anonymous said...

John K: The North Pole (MIGHT), might? LOL LOL be ice free. Might??? Give a break. That is a 50 - 50 chance. That is the same as guessing on a true - false test. You liberals and chicken little. By the way, the ice currently on the North Pole is larger than in the previous year. lMAO

Anonymous said...

Care to validate that claim with some evidence, John, or do you know better than people who have spent their lives studying this?

In fact, saying that it's largely than last year doesn't mean much. It very well could be but as last year saw Artic ice retreat to a record level, that's hardly a refutation that there is, as even the scientists themselves say, a 50-50 chance that the ice will melt.

Apparently, you think those are good odds, John. And you obviously haven't even a fraction of an idea as to what role Artic ice plays in global temperatures and climate.

And there's hardly much insult in being called a "chicken little" by a member of a reactionary, "the sky is falling" ideology, for whom the "the sky is always falling" whether it be the "slow march to Sodom & Gomorrah" because of a abortion or gay marriage; whether it's the "slippery slope" to communism and socialism because of public education or alleviating the suffering of the poor; or the "end of everything" because we haven't invaded enough countries to satisfy our blood-lust.

If only we had prayer in schools, the conservatives say, we could get back to the "good ol' days." If only we had God in the public square, all this immorality would go away.

"Oh, you can't raise the minimum wage, the economy will collapse! Small businesses will go under!" - of course, that never happens.

And then terrorism...Republicans and conservatives are the poster children for "chicken little" syndrome. John McCain says, "Boo! The terrorists will get you if you elect Obama." His twin, Lieberman, threatens the American people with the same fearmongering.

For all their macho talk, the tone of conservatives and Republicans hardly reflects the hearty, "never give up" attitude reflected by people in Ireland, Britain, Spain, Israel and elsewhere that have dealt with the direct effects of terrorism for a lot longer than we have; fortunately Americans figured out a long time ago that manipulating fear for political gain is the last resort of cowards.

On any number of issues, the Republican party and it's supporters have spent the last 40 years trying to scare the hell out of the American people, preaching "doom & gloom" unless we listened to them.

Anonymous said...

John K: Boy it sure is hot this summer. LOL Only three count 'em three days above 90. Yah buddy, that global warming is going to melt all that ice. Of course it may also not happen. Let me see, true or false? LOL

Anonymous said...

John K: I love it when the lefties on this blog just say something like it might and then challenge me to produce evidence. LOL That is when I know I got them.

Anonymous said...


Delighted to see you back!

Anonymous said...

John K: Only a lefty can come up with a plan to remove a food staple from our diet (corn) and turn it into gas for our SUV's so we can drive to the fast food restuarant to get something to eat. And then come up with a solution to the problem by trying to make us feel guilty and raising our taxes to compensate. Do I know how the left wing mind works or what? LOL

Anonymous said...

KGC says..

Energy conservation -
1. Having a small refrigerator installed in the home office so I don't have to walk as far for a cold beer.

Think I'll lower the AC to 70* from 72*... think I'll mow the lawn as soon as it's done raining... think I'll play 36 holes of golf each day this weekend using a gas-powered golf cart...

Bob said...

1. Welcome back Maria!

2. to john k. It wasn't 'lefty' that came up with the idiotic corn based ethanol- which is the worst thing for everybody- it exaggerates the food shortage, decreases the amount of corn and increases it's cost, costs much more to produce ethanol, uses more energy in production and transportation than than its overall effect of bad emmissions, etc. It's pointless. Cars are not the leading producers of CO2 emissions in this country.