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June 27, 2008

Kerry With A Tan

Remember when I asked (rhetorically) this?
When can we expect McCain to denounce the racists in his own party?
Today Grover Norquist had this to say about Senator Obama:
Norquist dropped by The Times' Washington bureau today and, as part of his negative critique of Obama's liberal stances on economic issues and other matters, he termed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee "John Kerry with a tan."
For the record, this is John Kerry with a tan:


Anonymous said...

John K.: He should have just called Bush "The Chimp" or perhaps "Lil Bush". Then Oberfuhrer Olbermann would have praised him.

Anonymous said...

John! The meds, John! You've forgotten the meds again, John!

Anonymous said...

I've tried to put this into an historical perspective. Read more...

Bram Reichbaum said...

Sorry, I kind of think this is funny, as far as it goes. Not every joke that makes reference to race is a racist joke.