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July 15, 2008

Pintek Smears

Tonight on Night Talk, Mike Pintek continued an Obama-Smear with his phone in guest Harvey Kushner, Ph.d.

The Smear?

Obama won't release his birth certificate. Only the birth certificate would prove that he was born in the US. The (not-so) hidden implication is that Senator Obama isn't born in the United States and so therefore ineligible to be President.

When I called into the show to let them know that Pintek was mistaken, I was told that he was aware of the controversy surrounding the certificate and that parts were "whited out."

Guess what? The campaign HAS posted the birth certificate. Here. I'll even post what's found at the Obama website:

Pintek smeared.


Anonymous said...

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, yeah?

Too bad the interweb kinda blows that tactic to Hell. Well done!

- Shawn

Anonymous said...

The irony is that McCain was not born in US. He was born in Panama.

However, I believe having one or more US parents will make you a native-born citizen.

Anonymous said...

The wingnuts had a field day with this in February. Made it onto wingnut central,

Since he was not actually born in a state, they said, he wasn't a natural born citizen and therefore not eligible to be president.

And this was on

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, this is all the wingers have...

On the economy, nothing but more of the same failed conservative fiscal policies that benefit huge corporations and multi-millionaires while breaking the backs of hardworking middle class Americans...they won't increase education funding but they will bailout billionaires.

On foreign policy, they've proved completely unable to bring resolutions to either of the two conflicts they've started, conflicts which have not done one thing to increase our national security...Don Quixote has nothing on these "windmill" chasing demagogues.

On health care, the environment, education, energy...nothing but perpetuating a system that benefits a few and screws everyone else. They're more concerned about profit margins than the health and general welfare of our country.

Let's take one simple example why Republicans and conservatives should never be trusted again with the enoromous responsibility of governing the country: the enivronment.

For years, they demonized and ridiculed anyone who said anything about global warming/climate change, just so they could pad their wallets. They were willing to risk the safety and security of not only our own country but the world, and for what? Greed.

And where are they now? We have prominent conservatives like Newt Gingrich acknowledging that global warming is a very real and significant threat. Their presidential candidate recognizes it as such.

They have the same basic MO on everything - they are willing to sacrifice the health and well-being of you, your friends and family, to enable the few to steal the vast majority of the wealth that the nation produces.

Johnny Yen said...

The New York Times had an article in the last week or so about a couple of serious studies of McCain's citizenship by legal scholars, who found that he's probably not, legally, entitled to be President.

But hey, you know that Obama is a crack addict, having sex with his male dealer, etc. You know that the Right has got a firm grip on reality.

Anonymous said...

John K: To the anon who said McCain was not born in the US. How dispicable can you be! McCain's dad was an Admiral in the Navy serving this country in an overseas post. You should be ashamed.
And to you other bloggers criticizing Pintek. Just look at that blog from anon smearing our troops for service to this country.
Man the left, no shame.

cathcatz said...

so it's right to question senator obama'a citizenship, but it's NOT ok to question senator mccain's??

when one was actually born in an actual US state, and the other was born in panama, which at the time was NOT, and still is NOT, a state..

oh. ok.

Anonymous said...

so it's right to question senator obama'a citizenship, but it's NOT ok to question senator mccain's??

when one was actually born in an actual US state, and the other was born in Panama, which at the time was NOT, and still is NOT, a state..

cathcatz, IOKIYAR

Anonymous said...

John K: No cathcatz it is not right to question the citzenship of Sen. McCain. This was already vetted by the Naval Academy. This is an insult to his American mother and Naval father. Who were serving this country in a foreign county at the behest of their oath and the President. So no it is not right. It is insulting to any military member in similar circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Change, what does Obama mean by that? Oh yeah, he's going to change the location of our troops.. Out of Iraq and into Afghanistan. The kids are just as dead! How do you find any real difference in Obama and McKane? Stubborness and loyalty?

Anonymous said...

John K: Now to clarify a point. If you are on active duty and serving in a foreign country, no matter where it is, and have a child born to the service member and their spouse, the child is a US citizen. Period. Legal scholars have looked at this? LOL Do they have diplomas from the matchbook school of liberal law. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Off topic:
What is happening with Comcast? I am watching the Golf channel on 31? Anyone know why?

cathcatz said...

f&b dave...

i had to google that one!

but yes, apparently it is.

Anonymous said...

Hey John K. Cool it dude. I am by no means questioning McCain's citizenship or, for that matter, mean any disrespect to those in the service.

I am simply pointing out that what Pintek is trying to smear Obama with also applies to McCain.

Obviously both are US citizens and eligible to run for president. The point is that McCain is vulnerable to the same illegitimate argument.

Anonymous said...

Comcast has begun to pull channels off of its non-digital service in an attempt to force everyone onto digital.

I am a Comcast customer (with digital) but will soon be swithcing to FIOS (Verison). I have plenty of reasons to dislike them. I soon will be free from them......

Anonymous said...

John K: McCain is not even close to being vulnerable on the citzenship argument. His birth certificate was confirmed by the US Naval Academy when he reported for duty. It was further examined when he became a Naval Officer and obtained his secret clearance. Then further examined by the Def Inv Serv when he obtained his top secret clearance along with the Not for Foreign Nationals clearance. Upon entering the Senate and being allowed to For Eyes Only intel he had to go thru another vetting process. So tell me again what legal scholars said his citzenship was questionable. And then tell me why you even gave a hint of crediblity to their insane opinion. Liberal Lawyers. LMAO

Anonymous said...

John, that is not my point. The point is that Pintek's candidate is also vulnerable to whisper campaigns about his citizenship. I am simply pointing out Pintek's hypocrisy due to similarities in the geography of Obama's and McCain's birth (not in a state).

We know you like McCain. That's great. Good for you! However, when the right-wing shills attack, it is plenty fair to point out the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Soooo, someone gives a wingnut a taste of his own asinine medicine and he squeals like a stuck pig. Beautiful, just beautiful.

- Shawn

Anonymous said...

A message to John K: If you read the comments carefully (which you obviously didn't) you'd see that this argument was made by conservatives at

Some other right wing sources of this:

First sentence:

The dirty tricks are flying on the eve of Super Tuesday. Now John McCain’s eligibility as a “natural born citizen” is getting questioned by Mitt Romney’s attack machine.

Last time I checked Mitt Romney was a REPUBLICAN.

Here it shows up in 2007 at (partially owned, by the way, by Richard Mellon Scaife):

Some interesting text from this CONSERVATIVE NEWS SOURCE

Nobody disputes that John McCain was from birth a United States citizen.

And most of us agree that it would be unfair to deny presidential eligibility to patriotic citizens born to parents serving overseas in the U.S. military. Such people are likely to be among the most patriotic and worthy of Americans.

But the Constitutionally-mandated term "natural born citizen" remains subject to reinterpretation by future Supreme Courts.

And, frankly, there is much that seems unnatural and un-American about Sen. John McCain.

So don't tell us this is a LIBERAL argument.

Anonymous said...

John K: Shawn you ought to listen to yourself. You mean legal scholars actually studied an issue I just briefed you on in one paragraph. Legal Scholars! The left called in legal scholars. You have got to be kidding. How low can you sink, Shawn, to win power. Legal Scholars to study something commonly understood. Sick, Shawn, sick.

Anonymous said...

And like most wingnuts, he waves his arms and screeches about some non sequitur about 'legal scholarship' when someone calls you and yours on your general sophistry. Or even worse, needles yinz back with a little of your own bunk.

But hey, tell ya what, since you're by definition smarter than me since yer to a conservative, and since your logic is so unassailable, why don't you and yours fund a legal challenge to the legitimacy of Barack's citizenship.

Then again, it's all a moot point and you and your main man Limbaugh cost him the nomination with Operation Chaos. ;)

- Shawn

Anonymous said...

John K,

Actually, the recent supreme court opinion concerning Gitmo does raise concerns on John McCain's legal status as president.

Within the opinion, Scalia argued that Gitmo, which is under US control per a treaty, is not US Soil. If this opinion is interpretted towards the Arizona Senator, it would mean that Panama is also not US soil and therefore the senator is not a US citizen.

I personally feel John McCain is a US citizen and eligible to run; however it just shows how the right can screw the rule of law up so surely.

Anonymous said...

Also, I love how John K gets so upset if someone questions John on his citizenship, yet is ok with the rights attack on Obama about the same issue. Can someone say double standard?

Oh and before you attack me john k using the troops, you best hold back. I have family serving oversees in the two wars and have had the pain of burying many friends and a few family members that came back.

So please don't push your right wing crappy points on me.

EdHeath said...

Well, I don't see anyone linking the New York Times articles, so:
one and two. This is just repeating what the NYTimes reported, without comment.

Anonymous said...


Cathcatz writes a question as follows:

so it's right to question senator obama'a citizenship, but it's NOT ok to question senator mccain's??

John K responds without an answer:

How dare you question the republican you know who his parents are, do you know he is a war hero, think of the troops...etc

Anon responds:

John my point is that both people are US citizens.

John K. responds:

John McCain citizenship is never in question. He's a navy man and then adds more bs talking points...once again, John K fails to recognize Obama is a citizen

Another Anon reponds:

John K the right is raising these crazy attacks on Obama and your response shows why they are absurd

John K. responds:

Rants about legal scholars being liberal....unrelated to the original question

Another Anon responds:
Typical right winger just throws out garbage that is unrelated

Third Anon responds:

He/she raises the issue of the latest supreme court decision

So what is learned by these comments.

ANSWER: John K. adds little of anything of value. By definition, he/she is a TROLL.

But hey, I am willing to give you another chance Johnny K. Here is a simple question.

John K, is Obama a US citizen?

I already know the answer, just want to check to see how warped you are.

Anonymous said...

Free legal advice for anyone who wishes to be taken seriously: Read Professor Chin's examination of the McCain eligibility issue (and any other source you believe you should consult before developing a reliable opinion) before offering any opinion concerning that issue. If you can't understand Professor's Chin's analysis of the issue, that is a strong signal to leave commentary to others.

The Obama angle is less a legal issue than a "what are the facts" issue. Has any responsible source raised legitimate questions about Sen. Obama's eligibility? So far, it appears to be nothing more than wingnut froth, but I might have missed a question or opinion from a responsible source.

Anonymous said...

"Hello" Barack Hussien Obama father was Arabic was listed Arabic on his birth certificate and on his passport, second the first birth certificate Obama released is fraudulant, as I know your are not permited in any way to change or alter a person birth certificate, so that lead to the fact Barack commited fraud, let's remind people before this it was Barack camp who brought up John McCain as being a true naturalize citizen or not...
P.S. at the time they did not list a person as African American, it was Negro

Anonymous said...

"Hey" rejects McCain was born on a military base by are laws of are land that is US soil period. His parents both naturalize citizens. Now if Barack mother born in Hawaii, then she was not a naturalize citzen, Hawaii was not a state till 1959. also she was not in the states long after having Barack, and there is argument over was his name Barry or not when he was born? two parents not naturalize citizen and not spending most of your ten years of life in the states leads to questions. Was he raised Islamic, that is a fact, so with all the lies and deception who can believe him...
Racist, Homophobic, Misogyny, to name a few is my conclusion of the man...
Geeze you hangout with terrorist, crooks, the Nation of Islam, and racist Ministers then that is what you get...

Anonymous said...

Jesus, the wack job right wingers are getting stupid and desperate. These latest two comments probably from the same person are absurd.

First, the person goes off about Obama having an Arabic father. News flash, Arabia has not been a nation for hundreds of years. Arabic is sometimes considered a term to describe a race of people such as Caucasian.

Then the person goes further to attack Obama's mother and says she is not a citizen because she is from Hawaii. Actually nutball, she is born and from Kansas. Yup, your argument fails on the point you raise.

To add further, the person starts pushing that Obama was raised islamic even though it is known that Obama was raised by his grandparents on his mother's side.

So when the crazy nuts attacks start falling apart in the comment, he simply goes to the well and calls Obama every evil thing next to sliced bread.

Truly disgusting.

Just another reason on why anon postings should not be allowed. People that write crap like the last two comments should have to sign their name. Yeah, I said name because it is clear it is from the same idiotic poster

Anonymous said...

......Just another reason on why anon postings should not be allowed. People that write crap like the last two comments should have to sign their name. Yeah, I said name because it is clear it is from the same idiotic poster

4:03 PM
Hmmm- and you are?
This blog would have nothing to argue if not for anon posts. You all just keep stroking each other.

cathcatz said...

i have to disagree with you anon 5:40. there are plenty of us who sign our names to our posts, who do not always agree. see the santorum thread.

as for the drivel from the other anon about obama's birth certificate... his dad was from kenya, africa. that might explain the "african"??? you do realize that there are african muslims as well as arab muslims? or do you not care to make that distinction? muslim=evil?

and his mother was from kansas! a white woman. a christian woman. who's WHITE parents raised barack in KANSAS! whoa, that's a scary state for sure, but certainly NOT a radical muslim one.