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August 24, 2008

KDKA Comes to the Rescue!

From the Huffington Post:
A conservative nonprofit group with a past link to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign wants to spend $2.8 million on an ad questioning Democrat Barack Obama's relationship to a founder of the 1960s radical group Weather Underground.

American Issues Project, the sponsor of the ad, is a nonprofit 501(c)4 organization. One of its board members, Ed Failor Jr., was a paid consultant for McCain's campaign in Iowa last year. The campaign paid his firm $50,000 until July 2007. American Issues Project spokesman Christian Pinkston said Failor has no connection to the McCain campaign now.

The ad signals the emergence of the type of tough advertising by independent organizations that operate outside the financial limits of campaign finance law. It is reminiscent of the Swift Boat ads aired against John Kerry four years ago questioning his military service and are widely blamed by Democrats for contributing to his defeat.

Organizers sought to air the ad on Fox News Channel, but a Fox spokesman said the network declined to run it. He would not say why.

Never fear! I had on the Steeler-Viking game last night (it was KDKA) and I saw the ad in all it's nasty guilt by association.

Good to know that KDKA will show a smear ad that even Fox "News" refuses. Good going!

More on the American Issues Project later.


billrott said...

As someone that once supported the idea of John McCain back in 2000, it is very sad to see how far this man has fallen. This ad is just one of many in which John McCain appears to be a willing participant of violating the very campaign laws he put in place. Overall, I am disheartened to realize that the idea of John McCain is so drastically different from who the man really is. Hopefully our nation will wake up to this fact soon and note vote for McCain.

billrott said...

It is my understanding the Ayers was never alleged to be connected to the bombing or planned bombing of the capital and that he was never charged with such a crime. Since Ayers is not running for office, would the group that is running this ad be open to a civil lawsuit for slander and defamation by Ayers? I would be open to thoughts on this question.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

The William Ayers that Barack Obama knows is the Distinquished Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago with a national reputation in education, and a person that has given a great deal to his community, and not the 60's radical.

It makes sense that the Republicans would not think that a person can change over 40 years. After all, they still think that John McCain is the mavrick Senator from Arizona rather the shell of his former self.

John K. said...

John K: Yah Bill Ayers can't be connected to Hussein Obama.  Bad enough Rev. Wright was connected to Hussein Obama.  Even though he headed Weatherman underground, a group that actually planted bombs in US cities.  We would never want to establish that connection. 

John K. said...

John K: And gosh if the left can convince people that Bill Ayers is not a radical bomb maker then, according to the left, there is hope for Osama Bin Laden eh?  LMAO LMAO Look at how low you left wing kooks can get.  Defending Ayers. LOL

Anonymous said...

John K., is Cindy McCain still addicted to pills? Why did she steal them from her charity?

Are any of the properties the McCain's currently own a result of Cindy McCain's real estate dealings with Charles Keating?

How much money did the McCain's make as a result of their relationship with Charles Keating?

Why hasn't John McCain fully disclosed his medical records? Why is he hiding the early onset of dimentia that he clearly suffers from?

Infinonymous said...

Osama bin Laden's best hope? His best hope, without doubt, is for another Bush term. It might be his only chance.

Amid all the clatter and chatter, one point about the Bush Administration is clear . . . despite having unlimited funds, unparalleled technology, a fearsome military and six long years to get the job done, the Bush Administration has not been up to the task of holding Osama bin Laden to account for attacking Americans on Sept. 11, 2001.

We've had a lot of big talk from Mr. Mission Accomplished-Dead or Alive-Bring 'em On, and he managed to invade the wrong country along the way, and we flushed billions of dollars and thousands of lives down the drain, but he hasn't been able to catch up to bin Laden despite every advantage in the world.

Six years ago, as our countrymen were being buried and the World Trade Centers were a smoldering pile of rubble, who would have thought it possible that
bin Laden would evade American forces for six years, and that it would be up to the next administration to get the job done?

Republicans had better hope that bin Laden dies of natural causes, or falls down some stairs, or chokes on a pretzel in the next few months. Because if U.S. forces under the direction of President Obama kill or apprehend bin Laden, the Republicans will be exiled politically for at least a decade.

Anonymous said...

Ads like this are just a sign of how desperate the wingers have become; you don't expect this from people who seriously believe they have a shot at winning in November.

All they are left with now is accusing Obama of being a terrorist. Pathetic. Shameless. SOP for the GOP.

Hope everyone's psyched for the convention...John McCain is going to get the trashing of a lifetime.

John K. said...

John K: No wonder Hussein Obama cannot define evil.  He embraces it.  You left wingers associate with it.  Ayers planted bombs to kill US citizens because he wanted to overthrow the govt.  And this is distinguished?  And look at the comment Jaywillie uses about C. McCain as a comparison.  See what I keep telling you left wing kooks.  You embrace Saddam Hussein and his torture and theft and put Ayers on a pedistal.  LMAO LOL LOL You need help.  LOL

John K. said...

John K: Ayers is clever.  He convinced you left wing kooks he is distinguished by playing to your hate.  Just like Rev Wright.  And who does Hussein Obama associate with?  Why these folks.  Wonder when the left will justify rounding up citizens and reeducating them.  Sen. Kerry already said that pays dividends in the long run.  And last week Hussein Obama said China was a better place to do business and live than the US.  You just hate when we play your words back to you eh? LMAO

Mike said...

There is no question that William Ayers was part of the Weathermen. However, if he did plant these bombs, why did he never spend time in jail?

Anonymous said...

A reproachment about hate coming from the likes of John K. is like a prostitute lecturing on chastity.

Just to make it perfectly clear, John K. is embracing the notion that Obama is secretly an evil terrorist(that some how slipped through when getting his security clearances as a Senator!). And he apparently tortures and steals - You are truly over the edge, dear John. come on here dishing out the most absurd lies and smears and when I do it to you in the name of Cindy McCain you have the nerve to complain? to cry and whine about it? Are you serious?

You do nothing but come on here and spew hatred, John, so you have no place to criticize ANYONE in that regard.

Of course, that's expected - John subscribes to a political ideology defined by who it hates - women, LGBT, people with brown skin, the middle class. It is also a philosophy that has embraced the most radical of rightwing fringe groups, like the Montana militias and the Minutemen.

So great is the hatred that conservatives like John K. have spewed over the last 3 decades that the conservative hatred for the American govermment encouraged the likes of Timothy McVeigh to take it out on those "evil" bureaucrats in OK City, killing hundreds.

G. Gordon Liddy once recommended to his listerners that if Federal agents ever came on their property that they should aim for the neck, since that's where there's little protection.

How many doctors have anti-choicers killed in their zealous pursuit to enforce their morality on others?

A few weeks ago there was a shooting at a Unitarian church in KY or TN(don't have time to check, but surely everyone remembers it). And what did they find when they visited the murderes home? Books by Hannity, Limbaugh, O'Reilly...and we learned that the murderer was committed to purging "evil liberals."

We have the shooting of the Arkansas State Democratic Party Chairman, outside the party's headquarters. Is there any doubt that the killer was just another deranged winger pushed to the limits by the extreme hatred and violent rhetoric of people like John K. and those he takes his marching orders from?

And yet here you are, John K., full of hate, saying Obama is a terrorist, he's evil, by trying to associate him with the actions of Ayers some 40 years ago, actions that Ayers now regrets.

Frankly, John K., you are one of the great cowards I have ever encountered. You simply cannot take what you dish out.

And I'd like to see evidence of the comment about China you attribute to Obama. He didn't make it; you know he didn't make it.

My question is, what kind of a person can you be when you clearly lie with ease, when you show no hesitation in disseminating an almost daily hate-filled rant against liberals and spreading the most absurd lies and accusations without proof?

How many innocent lives have been lost because deranged lunatics like yourself bought the hate that Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and O'Reilly spread and took matters into your own hands?

Frankly, John, I will caution you to be very, very careful about some of the things you are currently saying about Obama. They are way over the line. Your words indicate a very disturbed state of mind.

Infinonymous said...

You omitted the recently released evidence indicating that the anthrax mailer was an American Family Association (that's Dobson's band of faith-based right-wingers) true believer who targeted a couple of Democratic senators because he disagreed with their politics. He also appears to have used a particular return address on the anthrax letters as an homage to a Baptist school that was the subject of an AFA "religious persecution" stink.

They're detaining 10-year-olds at airports for being on the no-fly list, yet another Terrorist For Christ was able to evade detection, DESPITE THE FACT HE WAS ONE OF THE FEW PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY AUTHORIZED TO HANDLE ANTHRAX, for years. From the looks of it, we need a new executive branch. Preferably one whose gatekeepers are not named Monica Goodling or Kyle Sampson.

Infinonymous said...

By the way -- and you couldn't make this stuff up any more ridiculously -- the Department of Defense awarded Dr. Ivins its highest civilian honor a couple of years after the anthrax letters were mailed.

If Dr. Ivins had killed a few more people consequent to his faith-based madness, maybe he would have been in line for a Medal of Freedom. (Bremer and Tenet set a high standard for the level of mayhem required to merit the Medal of Freedom from the Bush Administration.)

Ranks right up there with the Bremer and Tenet medals, does it not?

EdHeath said...

According to the Wikipedia, Ayers didn't plant bombs to kill civilians. He went underground after a bomb that was being built exploded prematurely, killing several close associates of Ayers in the Weather Underground, including his girl friend. Apparently it was a nail bomb the Weathermen were going to plant at an army base.

Also according to the Wikipedia, Ayers doesn't really regret his actions at the time, because of what was happening at the time. Actually, I stumbled on an interesting article in the New York Times about Norman Mailer in 1968, about how almost all American radicals thought communism was a great system (whether they knew anything about it or not). Mailer knew it was horrible in the USSR and China, and would likely be horrible in Vietnam if the North won. But he still spoke out because he thought the war was wrong. It tore Mailer apart, apparently. We have learned some things since the Vietnam war, although maybe not enough. The opposition to the Iraq war now is *not* also calling for the overthrow of the US government. On the other hand, we don't seem to care what happens in Iraq after we leave. It seems obvious to me that the two most likely outcomes are either a descent into bloody civil war or a new dictator will take over. Of course, there still could be civil war either before or after the dictator takes over.

My real point here is that, as a nation and also here on this blog, we simplify reality down to stereotypes. Ayers is a terrorist, therefore Obama is a terrorist. The Republicans are cold hearted bastards who don't care about poor people, black and white, except to scare them into voting for republicans. Of course the realities are different and more complicated.

dragonlibra said...

Good RW water carriers KDKA also showed the ad during 11PM newscast Sunday. Poor babies must really be desparate for ad money. Obama campaign should refuse the next time they're in town giving Jon Delano an exclusive and cite the running of this ad as a reason.

And John K - you desparately need to get a life!

John K. said...

John K: The problem with KDKA airing this ad is that they aired it.  The problem with FOX news is they air news.  The Problem with Limbaugh/Hannity is they have a right to talk.  And as soon as Obama is in office those practices will cease.  We can't have any ads or comments running that are not preaproved by Hussein Obama. Why even mentioning his full name will bring down the wrath of the left. And this entire 1st amendment stuff is strictly for the left to use.  When is the right and John K. going to learn this.  LMAOLMAO LOL LOL Do I got Olbermouth and the left down or what? LOL 

John K. said...

John K: Ayers was a terrorist bomb maker who advocated the overthrow of the US Govt by violent means.  Osama Bin Laden does the same.  And for those actions the left will always refer to them as distinguished. LMAO LMAO Of course Rove will be hunted to the ends of the Earth for daring to win elections against liberals.  LOL LOL Hussein Obama knows and takes advice from Ayers and has respect for Osama.  Gee, wonder what is wrong with this picture?

John K. said...

John K: Jaywillie is cautioning me?  Or what jaywillie?  Or what? LMAO LMAO Obama said he would rather live or do business in China than the US.  He made the reference when referring to the infrastructure the Chinese had put in place for the Olympics. LOL LOL And Sen. Kerry gave a rounding endorsement of the reeducation camps in Vietnam. LMAO Liberals, just let them talk. 

cathcatz said...

john k., have you ever been checked for turrets syndrome???

EdHeath said...

Actually, it is the University of Chicago that uses the word distinguished with regard to Dr Ayers. The term refers to his work in academia. I don't believe anyone has used the word distinguished with regard to Osama Bin Laden, except John K.

John K. said...

John K: Univ of Chi says he is distinguished. LOL LOL LOL That is not the bad part.  You left wingers endorse him.  A group of Boy Scouts scares you enough to get the ACLU on it and Ayers, a terrorist bomber, is distinguished. LMAO By the way Ayers is still Ayers.  They were airing comments he made as a recent Weatherman reunion.  Hussein Obama sure has some advisors.

Infinonymous said...

Which is worse -- Sen. Obama's relationship with Prof. Ayers, or Sen. McCain's relationship with his first wife and the daughter he abandoned to hook up with the young, rich adultress?

I haven't seen a single McCain supporter even try to defend Sen. McCain's conduct in dumping his first family, or to explain why the country should vote for a man who behaves in this manner.

I hope someone will at least attempt to defend the Republican nominee. Preferably a "values voter."

John K. said...

John K: Ayers, the terrorist, caused people to be killed.  After they were killed he went underground to escape responsibility.  And infinon asks that question?  Now Ayers is an advisor to Hussein Obama.  Like I said, no wonder Hussein Obama cannot recognize evil, he embraces it.

John K. said...

John K: Is Jaywillie going to warn me again?  Put the or what in it this time jaywillie. LOL

cathcatz said...

obama embraces evil???


i haven't seen any picture of him hugging dumbya.

only huggybear mccain deos that.

John K. said...

John K: Yep. Obama embraces evil.  He embraces Ayers and Rev. Wright.  At the Rev Warren debate, Obama could not define evil.  Had no idea of what it was.  Michelle Obama thinks it is America.  Gee where did she get that idea from?  Rev Wright?

Infinonymous said...

Who did Mr. Ayers kill? As I understand it, a group with which he was associated built a bomb whose premature detonation killed two of the people who had assembled it. (A previous bomb had destroyed a police monument, killing no one.)

There is no evidence that Mr. Ayers is an advisor to Sen. Obama.

Sen. McCain's conduct in ditching his first wife because she limped after a car accident, committing serial adultery culimating in running off with a rich, young adultress, and abandoning his first child to satisfy his person appetites is far more blameworthy than Sen. Obama's relationship with Mr. Ayers, which appears to be limited to attending a meeting at Mr. Ayers' home at the request of the legislator Sen. Obama replaced, then serving on a board with Mr. Ayers.

You are, at best, loose with logic and language, John. It is far more likely you are just a liar with no sense of shame.

Still waiting for a McCain supporter to attempt to defend the way he treated his first wife and his daughter. How can such a man be fit to be President of the United States? Please tell us.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

You said.. As I understand it, a group with which he was associated built a bomb whose premature detonation killed two of the people who had assembled it.

LMAO. Wish I could link/post the cartoon that shows a Terrorist saying (to a group of potential Terrorists) beside a sign that says Human Bomb Class... "Pay attention because I'm only going to do this once, OK?" Boom. One of the others says, "Sh*t". LMAO.

So, Ayers is skeaky clean because he didn't ACTUALLY bomb something or some people? Hmmmm... will have to remember that defense next time I PLAN A CRIMINAL ACT.

John K. said...

John K: Infinony, Terry Robbins, Ted Gold and Oughton.  They were making a bomb under his instructions when it blew up on them.  Ayers, of course, did what liberals do, he fled and went into hiding.  Osama Bin Laden also went into hiding.