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August 27, 2008

Put A Fork In It Honey, It's Done.

When wingnut World Net Daily posts this about Barack Obama's birth certificate, we can pretty much assume the lie has now been convincingly debunked. Here's what they wrote:

However, (sic) says it obtained Obama's actual birth certificate and that the document was indeed real. The site discredited some of the claims of Internet bloggers, such as that the certificate as viewed in a scanned copy released by Obama's campaign lacked a raised seal. also established that many of the alleged flaws in the document noted by bloggers were caused by the scanning of the document.

A separate WND investigation into Obama's birth certificate utilizing forgery experts also found the document to be authentic. The investigation also revealed methods used by some of the bloggers to determine the document was fake involved forgeries, in that a few bloggers added text and images to the certificate scan that weren't originally there. [emphasis added.]

I wonder if we'll see Jerome Corsi (who infact writes for WND) issue any sort of correction, explanation or apology. Pintek, too.

Yea, I doubt it.


cathcatz said...

*crickets chirping*

nothing to say, kids??




John K. said...

John K: Yah there is cathcatz, thanks for jumping thru hoops when asked.  It makes me feel so much more in control. LOL

cathcatz said...

happy to help you get a handle on that.