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August 19, 2008

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

The New York Times has the story:
Just in time for the closing rush of the presidential election, MSNBC is shaking up its prime-time programming lineup, removing the long-time host –- and one-time general manager of the network — Dan Abrams from his 9 p.m. program and replacing him with Rachel Maddow, who has emerged as a favored political commentator for the all-news cable channel.
Maddow comments:
“This is great; getting a regular cable show is something I’ve wanted,” Ms. Maddow said. She acknowledged that the intensity of the presidential race meant that will remain the focus through the election and probably for the first 100 days of a new administration.
What? You say you have no idea who she is?



Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

What? You say you have no idea who she is?
A comedian with Err America.
And a kneejerk partisan hack.

Sherry Pasquarello said...

i am thrilled. she is bright and witty and classy.

and she always has her facts right.

Anonymous said...

With that kind of response, Heir, I'd wager Rachel Maddow really gets under the skin of wingers.

In other words, "Keep up the good work, Rachel."

John K. said...

John K: I could never figure out why they had Abrams on anyway.  He made no sense and had no orginal thoughts.  He appeared to be a 2nd hour of everyone else's show. Even when he mocked other shows it seemed so petty.  Rachel Maddow is okay.  Her style is her look.  She sort of looks sideways at the camera with that furrowed brow and down turned mouth.  I copied that once and it invoked the same reaction she gets from whoever she is talking to.  But what does it matter, Abrams was a dud and no one is watching MSNBC anyway to care.  Lobby to get Cullen on MSNBC, she needs a job. LMAO LMAO I get those zingers in wherever I can. LOL

cathcatz said...

rachel is awesome and the right HATES hers! its about damned time she got her own show. i used to listen to her on air american with lizz winstead and they were hilarious and a bright light on the radio dial.

yeah for rachel!!!

Sue said...

I didn't know who she was either. I've never seen MSNBC or heard of her. Ah well ... that's probably progress. Go lesbians!

John K. said...

John K: Oh no wonder Rachel Maddow got the time slot on MSNBC.  She said Glenn Beck is a feminine hygiene product that should be flushed down the toilet.  Heck, that scores her huge points in the MSNBC crowd.  Hey Sue, you been watching Jerry Springer also eh.  Let's get that chant going:  We love lesbians, we love lesbians, we love lesbians. LOL LOL LOL LMAO LMAO

m dachshund said...

"She said Glenn Beck is a feminine hygiene product that should be flushed down the toilet."

That may be too charitable. But I have always respected her for her big heart and fundamental fairness...

John K. said...

John K: M Dachshund...Good thing Imus did not say that about Rachel Maddow eh?  No telling what MSNBC might do?

Sue said...

John K mocked me! Isn't that like a rite of passage here? Shouldn't I get a free round or a tee shirt or something? Dayvoe? Gab gave me a sticker and I cheated to win that. Come on ...I'm like one of the progressive guys now!

Infinonymous said...

It is unfortunate, and a damning reflection of American education and polarization, that the likes of Limbaugh, Olbermann, Hannity, Maddow and Beck dominate the opinion end of the broadcast spectrum. A dose of stridency here and there, against a background of intelligent, fact-based and well-measured content, would be fine.

In the end, it is like popular American beers and American pizza . . . they are the way they are because that is what most Americans want.

Bud Light and Pizza Hut, Limbaugh and Olbermann.

Carefully calibrated to cater to the tasteless.