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August 20, 2008

Rush Hearts Lil Ricky

Frum Rush Limbaugh's website:

How about somebody like Rick Santorum as veep? How about some conservative who could be counted on across the board to help lead the country in the right direction and rebuild the Republican Party? Lieberman can't do that.

Perhaps someone should remind our friend the Oxycotin addict how badly Lil Ricky lost. In a state that Senator Kerry won by only 3%, Lil Ricky lost by a whopping 18%.


You have to go back to George McGovern's loss in 1980 to see worse numbers. And McGovern had that whole Reagan "revolution" to deal with.

Wow Rush is sure smart!


John K. said...

John K: I of course heard that live yesterday when he first brokered the idea. Limbaugh's the man! That's actually a good idea.  Santorum polls well on an national level.  He does not poll well in PA.  There is a reason for that.  The same reason PA has had only 1 President.  People in PA expect their politicans to take care of their local issues.  Santorum thinks on a National and Global level.  He relies on local people to solve local problems.  Liberals hate that idea.  So PA politicians tend to focus internally within the State to survive.  This does not make them national candidates.  Santorum does not fit that mode.  So while you left wingers think this is a bad idea, among conservatives nationally, this is a good idea.  Still think I am wrong, just ask yourself why PA has had only 1 President for our size and rarely has anyone from PA figuring on a national scale. I also am the Man!...But in deference to Sue...We love lesbians.

Clyde Wynant said...

Rush and his ilk just can't stand it that abortion hasn't become one of the key issues in this election...desperate as they are to coddle the bible-thumpers.

And rebuilding the Republican Party? You'd better pick stronger, smarter timber than Rick.

Bottom line, though, Rush says what he says for effect as much as anything else. He's a big dork who wants to be a king-maker....


John K. said...

John K: No actually the left can't tolerate abortion being a centerpiece of this election.  The left really pushed for McCain to pick a pro choice running mate.  But Limbaugh and other conservative hosts put the kibosh on that idea.  Which of course has caused the left to get upset.  Mostly because McCain is not running his campaign in the manner prescribed for him by liberals.  Olbermouth will produce another rant demanding that McCain pick his VP according to standards set by the left or else.  LMAO LMAO Like anyone listens as evidence by the fact that McCain will not pick a pro choice candidate.  You lefties have no power. NONE!

John K. said...

John K: Hey Clyde would you rather be an ilk or a minion? LMAO

Conservative Mountaineer said...

I like and support Rick Santorum and would vote for or contribute to again in a heartbeat. I think one of his biggest mistakes was supporting Snarlin' ("He's there when we we need him.") Arlen over Pat Toomey.

Abortion may become an issue of this campaign, especially if Obama's votes against the infanticide law are presented and connect with voters. (I can't remember the actual title of the IL law that mirrowed Federal law.. you know, the one which Obama lied about and then, reluctantly, said he did vote against.)

Abortion is not the 1st thing on my list (economic and taxation issues are), but actively supporting the right to kill babies who survive an abortion is WRONG. Just WRONG. And, SICK.

Infinonymous said...

I hope Rick Santorum runs repeatedly as the Republican candidate for Senator from Pennsylvania.

Arlen Specter was around long before Santorum or Specter arrived . . . and he will be around after each of them has exited politics.

There is a reason for this. And it is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Santorum does not poll well on a national level; he's one of the most despised conservatives in the country.

Nice that John blames liberals for forcing McCain to pick someone who's pro-choice as his Veep. Don't liberals want to see him lose, John? So, why would they be trying to help him?

Really, John? Is it the fault of liberals that McCain was thinking that way? McCain can't think for himself, is that what you're saying? He needs someone to tell him what to do, eh?

What a joke...stop looking for scapegoats and start taking accountability.

John K. said...

John K: Nope among conservatives, of which I am one, Santorum polls well.  Two years ago he was talked about as a presidential candidate.  He does not poll well in PA for the above lised reasons.  Specter, on the other hand, is the perfect Senator from PA.  He could not win a national election but he does well in PA for this reason.  In an election year he acts all conservative and then votes liberal.  So the lefties like him.  Gee wonder why?

John K. said...

John K: Jaywillie, the rest of your post was just plain stupid.

cathcatz said...

as soon as i heard this idea of sen. buttfoam as a running mate for mccain, i asked some of the republicans in my office how they felt about that. each one, each and every one, grimaced.

g'head grampy. pick 'em. please!!!!