Democracy Has Prevailed.

January 28, 2009

Grow the fuck up already

Yes, I used the "f-word" in the headline because people fuck -- they also screw and sometimes even make love -- and when they do engage in these activities in a hetero kind of way without using contraceptives there's a chance they could, oh I don't know, make a baby.

And, don't any of you trolls out there start with the "keep your knees together" crap. People have been doing this for as long as there have been people. That's why you are able to be here reading this (yes, your parents did it -- don't cry).

We know that unintended bundles of joy do not exactly encourage personal financial stability and we know that Right Wing Republicans hate hate hate paying anything towards the healthcare, education, food, etc. of bundles of joy post-womb.

We also that Right Wing Republicans hate hate hate allowing women to have abortions (which contraceptives could, oh I don't know, help to prevent).

So why did Right Wing Republicans throw a huge hissy fit to drop a provision from the economic stimulus package that would have made it easier for states to expand coverage of contraceptives through their Medicaid programs?

Could be that can't let the cultural war go? Could be that as I've always said: they don't just want to stop abortions, they want to stop contraceptives PERIOD? Could be that they are just huge fucking douchebags hypocrites?

Could it also be that they did it because they knew they could? (DING! DING! DING!)

What also doesn't help is when the supposedly MSM mucks up the issue by claiming that the provision would, 'allow Washington "to regulate the amount of kids people might be in the mood for."' (Yes, Chris Matthews, President Obama and the Democrats are calling for mandatory sterilizations and forced abortions. But not to worry, we will make sure that they are green mandatory sterilizations and forced abortions and we will give out coupons for free cappuccinos after the procedures. Glad we cleared that up!)

Of course the Democrats caved.

I thought the adults were supposed to be back in charge now?

Everyone needs to just grow the fuck up.


Schultz said...

The question is - what does that have to do with economic stimulus? Why is it in this bill in the first place? Last night I wrote that yes, change has happened, but only at the executive level. The two houses of Congress still suck and it is members of both parties who shove pork projects and spending that doesn't fall under the particular bill. This stimulus bill has billions more appropriated to projects that will not create a single job than it does for the big infrastructure projects that will create the jobs and economic growth that we need right now. The billions of dollars going for student financial aid, or for seniors heating assistance, or the countless of other programs in the bill that have good intentions, do not belong in an economic stimulus bill.

Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

"keep your knees together" crap
However it is still a valid excuse used by feminist if men demand their reproductive rights.
As for Maria's "men don't get pregnant" retort.

repeatedly pointing out the media fraud of Thomas Beattie, the “pregnant man.” To think the political left promotes itself as “pro-science” when it declares people with ovaries men.
Which will win
Feminist Dogma against Political Correctness?

Infinonymous said...

I support education and contraception programs, and oppose prohibition of early abortion. I believe plenty of what huddles under the current pro-life umbrella -- from hobbling researchers to funding the "Silver Ring Thing" and other religious programs -- is objectionable.

I believe the stimulus bill is an unlikely vehicle for welcome change from the recently departed administration's approach to these issues, however.

Clyde Wynant said...

The inclusion of these riders makes me insane...and I think they do for the rest of the thinking public as well. Putting aside the actual issue at hand, it's time that these types of end-runs were eliminated. OK. I'm freakin' dreaming...

And I'm as angry as Maria for the caving. We didn't elect Obama and get control of the House and Senate so that we could play paddy cake with the dipshits on the other side of the aisle; we did (yea, WE...the voters!) so that things would change.

Yes, I know "it's politics." But if so, isn't it time we played some hardball?


EdHeath said...

Personally I am a lot more worried about what Governors like Rendell and Mayors like Ravenstahl are going to spend stimulus money on. The Democrats are helping out Luke's campaign, with a single solar water heater installation. Good thing Reagan's not still alive, he would demand "Mr Ravenstahl, tear that panel down".

So the CBO’s estimate was that this measure would have saved money in about three years. By all means, let’s get that provision out of the package. You can bet that if the measure is introduced separately, some Republican Senator will add it to his/her list of personal holds. Because the best way to address an issue like this one is to ignore it. As a matter of principle.

Heir, what? This is the first I have heard of Thomas Beattie. Have feminsts been calling him a hoax or demanding that he be killed or something? A brief Google search (and your link) revealed essentially nothing. So you made a cryptic accusation that Maria is some sort of hypocrite without explaining. Kind of like when conservatives were claiming that Obama sponsored (or even wrote) a state bill to teach sex ed to kindergarteners. Breathless but cryptic accusations not backed up if you actually read the bill. But why use facts when you can whip up the red state populations with innuendo (psst, Obama’s not a citizen, his Kenyan grandmother witnessed his birth in Kenya, and then the Kenyan government has been throwing ‘Merican reporters in jail for trying to reveal the truth)(plus Obama is an agent of the American Communist Party who wants to set up an American Gestapo to arrest anyone who owns a guns and throw them into concentration camps, plus they will go around throwing rich people out of their houses and taking them for themselves)?

Schultz said...

I would rather have a stimulus bill that does what it is intended to do and has Republican support than this piece of shit stimulus bill that was just passed by the Democrats in the House. You guys are so concerned about beating the Republicans you forgot that we have an economy in the tank that needs a stimulus bill that actually creates jobs and STIMULATES THE FUCKING ECONOMY. If the Democrats what the ignore the Republicans and do things their way that is fine, but only as long as they don't produce pieces of shit legislation like this bill.

Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

A while ago I pointed out that reproductive rights do not extend to men.
If a woman does not want to have a child, she can use her reproductive rights to get an abortion.
However, if the man does not want the child, he still has to support the child.

To this double standard, Maria replied "Men don't get Pregnant" so they are not entitled to reproductive rights.

Heir, what? This is the first I have heard of Thomas Beattie. Have feminsts been calling him/her a hoax or demanding that [s]he be killed or something? A brief Google search (and your link) revealed essentially nothing. So you made a cryptic accusation that Maria is some sort of hypocrite without explaining.

Thomas Beattie has a uterus and ovaries. She is not a man She is a woman.
so which is it.
There is no such thing as a pregnant man.
A pregnant man exist if a pregnant woman claims she is a man.

As for Obama Lies, here he lies about a abortion bill and when called on it he calls the people who got him dead to rights liars.
Obama Lies On Abortion - And The Media Is Ignoring It
Of course he also lied at Saddleback that abortions went up under President Bush.

EdHeath said...

All right, look, Heir, if a man has an operation that changes his reproductive organs into those of a woman’s, then I would certainly agree that man should be afforded reproductive rights.

But I believe Maria’s point in this post is that the Republican party wants to control how the government teaches young people about sex and also how much aid the government gives lower income women for family planning. Now, it is sort of a gender thing, but I believe it is mostly an ideological issue. The Republicans believe that one of their base constituencies is the religious right, and they seek to curry favor with them by restricting the government’s role in promoting safe and responsible sex. There may be a libertarian component here too.

Now, apparently teen pregnancy rates have been falling since 1991, but apparently abstinence programs can not take credit for that ( But I personally find it hard to understand that the Congress would not fund something that it’s own budget office suggests will save money down the line (this is the notion of investment, right?).

Meanwhile, as for your next unrelated accusation of Obama lying, I might suggest that the case is far from absolute, in fact it is not even very clear (

Maria said...

A couple of points:

1) While I think infrastructure and green projects are sorely needed, 46% of the workforce are women and these types of jobs do not go to women:

The bulk of the stimulus program will provide jobs for men, because building projects generate jobs in construction, where women make up only 9 percent of the work force.

It turns out that green jobs are almost entirely male as well, especially in the alternative energy area. A broad study by the United States Conference of Mayors found that half the projected new jobs in any green area are in engineering, a field that is only 12 percent female, or in the heavily male professions of law and consulting; the rest are in such traditional male areas as manufacturing, agriculture and forestry. And like companies that build roads, alternative energy firms also employ construction workers and engineers.

This same mistake was made during FDR's time, but there are even more women in the workforce now.

Thankfully, there is money in the package that goes to education and healthcare and that will have more of an impact on women's employment.

2) Some of the stimulus package is obviously going to help out cash-strapped state governments and that is where "billions of dollars going for student financial aid, or for seniors heating assistance, or the countless of other programs in the bill" as well making it easier for states to expand coverage of contraceptives through their Medicaid programs comes in.

Bob said...

ROFLOL! Great Title!

It's a...

Anonymous said...

democrats need to grow the fuck up this so called "bill" is just a blatant rip off of the tax payers by the pathetic false messiah in the white house. if u actually read the bill u would underswtand what a joke this is but then again u get all your information from msnbc. and u are the same people who elected onoroto and ravenstahl , 2 of the most worthless and corrupt democrats in this state

LazySusan said...

I'm happy for the stimulus plan, but it's still annoying to hear about people playing frivolous political games with our energy infrastructure, our children's education, and really the future of the planet. Just listened to a podcast about a book from the progressive movement, talked about how we need to restore our faith in government, and how government needs to reform to be something we can have faith in. I hope Obama can pull it off.