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March 30, 2009

Dowd: Ravenstahl Wasted $20,198,500

In a press release issued today Democratic mayoral candidate Patrick Dowd put a price tag of $20,198,500 "on the Ravenstahl administration's waste and mismanagement. 'Sadly, millions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted by this administration,' said Dowd, 'Pittsburgh can do better. We certainly can’t afford another four years of this kind of mismanagement.'"

Dowd broke the dollar amount out as follows:

He also presented a number of alternative uses for the $20,198,500 "siphoned away from taxpayers by the Administration’s reckless spending habits" including:
  • Creation of a dedicated fund to support start-up companies and create jobs.
  • Make major technological investments to put Pittsburgh on the cutting edge of the economy.
  • [1] Pittsburgh will pay around $17,000 per vehicle for the Nederman ventilation system to be installed by Clean Air Systems, Inc. of Ohio. The Upper Yoder Volunteer fire department plans to spend $8,000 per vehicle for the same system. Based on the figures above, a bidding process could potentially have saved the city 53% of the cost or approximately $518,000. “Firetruck ventilation process sparks city debate,” Pittsburgh, Post-Gazette, March 14, 2009, Rich Lord. Online citation: .

    [2] “[T]he URA is forgoing $91,188 in rent over the terms of the three-year leases, compared to what it could have gotten by sticking with the highest bids.” Source: “URA ignored its own rules in parking lot contracts”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 08, 2008, Rich Lord. Online citation: .

    [3] “$1,010 trash cans littered with mayor's moniker,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, February 17, 2009, Jeremy Boren. Online citation: .

    [4] Cost of administrative leave paid to Dennis Regan in connection with investigation into improprieties as Mayor Ravenstahl’s Operations Director. “City clears Regan, who quits.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 2, 2006, Rich Lord. Online Citation: .

    [5] Cost of settlement with Commander McNeilly in connection with her blowing the whistle on improper interference in police operations by the Mayor’s staff. “Pittsburgh police commander's lawsuit costs city more,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, October 22, 2007, Jeremy Boren. Online citation: .

    [6] Cost of payment to maintain Mr. Ford’s silence with a “confidentiality and non-disparagement agreement.” “URA will pay Ford through June,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 12, 2008, Rich Lord. Online citation: .

    [7] “Municipal Market Regulator Regrets Enabling Losses,”, March 25, 2009, Darrell Preston. Online citation: .


    EdHeath said...

    But Dowd wants to cost the City 1.3 million dollars!

    Infinonymous said...

    Don't forget the millions of dollars the mayor poured down the drain (headed straight for Rochester, we now learn) that is Iron City Brewing. Looks like the mayor forgot to include that all-important 'if we give you the money you can't turn around and ship production and jobs to Rochester' clause in the 'economic development' paperwork.

    Unknown said...

    Luke is a disaster. Anyone with a brain knows this. Unfortunately, a lot of people vote on their "feel" and they like Luke. He's cute, reminds the old people of their grandson. He has a nice-looking wife and now they have a baby. To get rid of an incumbent, you essentially have to "fire" them. The majority will not fire Luke, especially when he has a baby. Unless he gets caught with a hooker or robs a bank, they'll put him back in office.