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March 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary, I Guess.

It should not go unnoticed that yesterday was the sixth anniversary of the beginning of theWar in Iraq.

Let's take a look and see what's happened because of Bush's decision to invade. As of today (March 20, 2009):
(h/t to Buzzflash)

Then there's the financial cost. As of today Bush's war has cost:
Then there's the loss of American prestige overseas and so on.

Is it any wonder that the few remaining Bush-ites are STILL trying to spin his legacy? From thinkprogress:
On PBS’s Charlie Rose yesterday — six years after the eve of the Iraq invasion — former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice discussed the decision to invade Iraq. Rice said she has had no “second thoughts” about striking the country, and when pressed by Rose on whether Saddam Hussein had connections to 9/11, Rice blankly said that “no one” believed in such a link
However, there's this from
On March 18th, George W. Bush wrote to the Speaker of the House (Hastert) and the President of the Senate (Cheney) invoking the powers granted him by Public Law 107-243. Initiating the invasion of Iraq, he wrote:

...I determine that:... [Declaring war on Iraq and] acting pursuant to the Constitution and Public Law 107-243 is consistent with the United States and other countries continuing to take the necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001."

Thus the invasion of Iraq and seizure of its oil fields, was, according to George W. Bush, legally justified by 9/11.
Happy Anniversary, everyone.

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Sherry Pasquarello said...

The Photography of Timothy Greenfield Sanders
by Pagan Sphinx

it's a beautiful and terrible tribute to our wounded service people.