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May 27, 2009

Acklin Pulling Out the Big Guns

From Acklin for Pittsburgh:

PITTSBURGH – Independent Mayoral Candidate Kevin Acklin announced today that veteran news reporter Andy Gastmeyer will join his mayoral campaign and serve in the position of Press Secretary.

“I’m honored that someone of Andy’s impeccable reputation and journalistic integrity has agreed to join our campaign team. Andy has always been committed to making our city a better place, and I’m grateful that he’s joining our effort,” Acklin said.

“Kevin Acklin has what it takes to win this race and be a tremendous mayor for the city of Pittsburgh. I’ve covered Pittsburgh politics for many years, and I’ve seen first-hand how Grant Street runs. I know we can do much better. So I look forward to this new challenge, to working with many of my former colleagues in a new capacity, and to bringing Pittsburgh the kind of leadership it deserves,” said Gastmeyer.
Andy Gastmeyer was a reporter for NBC Affiliate WPXI in Pittsburgh for over twenty-four years. He was a member of WPXI’s Investigative Unit and regularly covered Pittsburgh city politics. Andy retired from WPXI in December 2008. Pittsburgh City Council declared December 9, 2008, “Andy Gastmeyer Day,” to honor him for decades of excellence in reporting.
I'm only half kidding about the "big guns" part -- after all Lil Mayor Luke uses out-of-state hired guns for his campaign -- but I do think that Gastmeyer is a good addition to the assumed participation of Matt Merriman-Preston. (Even with Early Return's reminder that DeSantis had former WTAE-TV reporter Meghan Jones Rolla as his spokesperson.)

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