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May 9, 2009

Meanwhile In Texas...

CNN is reporting:

From Thinkprogress:
CNN reports that Texas hospitals are charging women who have been raped thousands of dollars for their rape kits that are collected by police as part of their investigations. According to CNN, Texas’s crime victim compensation fund consistently has a surplus and could likely cover these expenses.
Weren't they thinking of seceding?

There's more from
Attorney General's spokesman Jerry Strickland said the crime victim fund is enforcing strict guidelines imposed by the legislature as to which bills are paid and which victims are sent a denial notice.

Otherwise, he said that fund could become "insolvent.

"He said state law is clear that crime victims must exhaust all other potential funding sources, such as local police or their own health insurance.

"The legislature set it up that way," said Strickland.
And then:
Health care workers and rape crisis counselors told Local 2 Investigates that victims have come forward with denial letters for varying reasons, such as police listing the case as inactive, paperwork being filed incorrectly, or expenses falling into the wrong category.

Young, the advocate at Houston Area Women's Center said, "They're not dotting the Is and crossing the Ts to make sure that the person who was victimized does not have to re-live it six months later because they get a bill."
Who does this?


Laurie Mann said...

Any state who charges a woman for a rape kit is just trying to punish her.

Do you think they'd charge homeowners for someone to fingerprint their houses after a robbery? How about all that forensic analysis that happens after a murder - do you think a murder victim's family is going to be charged for that?

Of course not.

But in backward places like Texas and Alaska, of course they would.

Sherry Pasquarello said...

it's sickening!

Maria said...

You can add NC, IL, GA and AR to the list. (see here)

Fredrick said...

Another example of Conservative Republican 'family' values leadership.

appalled said...

Its not Texas or Alaska that are backwards, Its the republicans that are running things that are backwards. Thanks to corrupt people like Tom Delay the rest of us are stuck with republican morons representing our states.