Democracy Has Prevailed.

May 19, 2009

Some notes for today's primary election

  • The ADB has a press release from Councilwoman Smith.

  • Slag Heap considers what a Zappala Peck win would mean.

  • Infinonymous notes that Ravenstahl can't even be trusted with taking care of the beer.

  • The Pittsburgh Comet finds that Tony Ceoffe ♥ scofflaws.

  • I will be voting for Patrick Dowd for mayor and Hugh McGough for Court of Common Pleas and cribbing from Progress Pittsburgh's Big Endorsement List (among other lists) for judicial votes (Barbara Behrend Ernsberger, Joe Williams, Susan Evanshavik DiLucente, Alex Bicket, Philip Igneizi, Anne Lazarus).

  • If I was in District 2 I'd vote for Georgia Blotzer, if I was in district 4 I'd vote for Natalia Rudiak, if I was in District 8 I'd vote for Bill Peduto, if I was in Wards 9 & 6 I'd vote for Susan Banahasky, and if I had to choose between Motznik and Diven I'd get a really big hammer and a really big steel spike and drive it into my own head.

  • I'll be poll watching all day, so no more posts from me today until fairly late (if any), so I'll say it now:



    kobryon said...

    Primary anecdote:
    I was disheartened today when an Eisenberg pollworker handed me a nail file that said Jeff Eisenberg for Judge, Court of Common Pleas. Doubtfully, I flipped it over, hoping for some substance, but, as you may have guessed, the rougher edge of a nail file was the only thing to be found.

    This pollworker (a woman, like me), also had a stack of the kind of flyers that most pollworkers hand out, you know, the ones with at least some substance about where the judge worked or who endorsed him or her (though without beautification features for the little lady voters like me!) for the male voters.

    I read in the post-gazette ( ) that this candidate raised $9,078, which I realize is pretty meager, but it was pretty terribly spent.

    Joshua said...

    Well, time to root for Doc, or whatever Republican candidate may be palatable to us. Anyone think DeSantis might run again?

    Infinonymous said...

    I find nail files no more objectionable than bingo daubers, ballpoint pens, Steelers schedules, magnifiers, candy bars, or the other junk that candidates distribute (and many recipients covet far more than education, experience, accomplishment or other factors).