Democracy Has Prevailed.

May 10, 2010



Somedays it all seems worthwhile.

Yesterday I posted this. In which I find an error in Jack Kelly's most recent column. He stated that the Times Square Bomber was a registered Democrat in Connecticut.

Problem? There's just no evidence that that's true - and even the right wing blog that started the story back has since pedaled on it. Jack, however, went ahead and used it anyway.

I summed it all up with this:
Note to my good friends at the P-G: THIS REQUIRES A CORRECTION/RETRACTION.

Well, today (and that would be Monday) the P-G posted this:
Correction: This column originally described Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad as "a registered Democrat in Connecticut." Voter registration officials in Bridgeport and Shelton, the two communities in which Mr. Shahzad lived, say he was not registered to vote there.
Of course it would be a logical fallacy to automatically assume that my blog posting had anything to do with the P-G spanking Jack Kelly with a correction.

On the other hand, I'll be sporting a smug "I made them issue another correction on another Jack Kelly column" grin for the next few days.

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Rage Against the Democratic Machine said...

Commando Jack is wrong again -- what a shock!!! Thank you for your noble service. It's too bad he's a BFF of the Blockhead Bowtie Owner, otherwise he would be buried in the Goebbels-like Trib.