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May 16, 2010

Jack Kelly Sunday (Quick Note)

Jack, Jack, Jack... You have to do better than this, buddy!

In this week's column in the Post-Gazette Jack Kelly writes:
The same day Utah Republicans rejected Mr. Bennett, Utah Democrats forced their only member of Congress, Rep. Scott Matheson, into a primary. Liberals were upset with Mr. Matheson because he voted against Obamacare and carbon taxes.
Do I need to point out that the only Democratic member of the House from Utah is named Jim Matheson? His father was Scott Matheson, Sr. and his brother is Scott Matheson Jr.

Fact Check, Jack. Fact Check. You're making my job of making you look foolish a whole lot easier when you make simple avoidable mistakes like this one.

Isn't this two weeks in a row?

UPDATE: The P-G has corrected Jack's error. It now says Jim Matheson. But this is what it used to look like:

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