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May 23, 2010

Maybe Colin McNickle Should READ Some News

Before he writes an Op-Ed like this one.

He does work at a business that for some reason calls itself a newspaper, right? Presumably they'd have some sort of electronic device (perhaps similar to the one you're looking at right now) that would enable him to do some sort of research into his bullet points.

Like this one:
Mexican President Felipe Calderon, during last week's state visit to Washington, publicly chastised as "discriminatory" Arizona's crackdown.

Not only did President Barack Bumfuzzled fail to immediately cite Mexican law that makes illegals felons and eligible for jail time in one of Calderon's dungeons, Mr. No Gonads failed to also click his fingers and command the Secret Service to grab el presidente by the collar and escort him to the White House gates.

Then Barack the Bower hosted Calderon at a state dinner.
The reason, Editor No-brains, that the president "failed to immediately cite Mexican law" on this subject is that that law was rescinded some time ago.

That's right, my friends. According to the Associated Press (and that would be one place for Colin Know-nothing to check before making an ignorant ass of himself), the Mexican Congress decriminalized illegal immigration in 2008.

And if that's not enough for you, Mexican President Calderon said as much to Wolf Blitzer:

Think Progress has a transcription and some more details:
In 2008, the Mexican Congress voted unanimously with 393 votes to decriminalize undocumented immigration to Mexico. Before then, the Washington Times description of Mexican immigration law would’ve been accurate. Following the 2008 reform, however, undocumented immigration is a minor offense punishable by fines equivalent to about $475 to $2,400. The approved reform identified Mexico’s old immigration laws as “inadmissible” and a violation of human rights.
So Colin, what you wrote about people in Mexico being thrown in dungeons for being an illegal immigrant is just plain wrong - you see that now, right? And this, Colin, is why you need to always fact-check what you write before you publish it. You'll look less like an idiot that way.

Word to the wise, my friend.

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