Democracy Has Prevailed.

May 19, 2010

Thanks, Lynn!

One of the many reasons why I listen to Lynn Cullen @ Pittsburgh City Paper:

Today she read the names -- first names only -- of the winners in the news from yesterday's election in PA.

They were all male.

Pennsylvania is like some huge black hole wherein the light from women cannot escape when it comes to running for public office.



Justin said...

Unless your name is Orie. /sigh

Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

Are you mad because I voted against.
PA's version of Martha Coakley Mary Beth Buchanan?

Of course do not forget that you and Dave were against the female Rep. Melissa Hart.

Justin said...

Although I can't be sure, I suspect she's angry because it's rare that a woman even gets a chance because the state committees don't support them.

Lyon Advocate said...

And how many women were on the ballot? Oh, that's right, Pennsylvania prohibits women from running for office. My bad. Here I thought they had to do something in order to get elected, you know, like petition to be on the ballot. I guess we should all just start writing in our mothers' names ... she with the most kids of voting age living in PA wins!

Maria said...

PA ranks shockingly low compared to other states for female pols. I don't think that women in PA are somehow so intrinsically different than women in other states so I have to assume it's something in the political culture.

Mike said...

I agree that there are not many female candidates. I know of several women that I think should run and would make excellent candidates, but prefer to work behind the scenes.

Dr. Sharon Brown will be running on the Democratic ticket against career politician Mike Turzai. Her chances are pretty slim, but she is very energetic and hardworking. I think she would make a great Representative if given the chance.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

OMG. More 'victim'-syndrome. Maria, you are certifiable. Why don't you run for an office? Why didn't you support Melissa Hart? Or, Mary Beth Buchannon? Or, Peg Luksik? Or, on a national level.. Sarah Palin? Or, Michelle Bachmann? [I'll answer that - it's 'cuz they weren't/aren't Bikenstock-wearing flaming liberals.. has nothing to do with X/Y chromosomes... they're smart.. they're Conservative.]

Caveat - I did not nor would I support Buchannon or Luksik.. the others? Yes. I did support with campaign donations.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Oh, wah. You're 52% of the population, have been enfranchised for about a century and on average are better educated.

The time to voice concern about this is the autumn before a primary, not now.

Terry said...

Get off your ass and run for office. Make sure you have candidates who aren't as hopelessly flawed as Mary Beth Buchanan. But, really, do something about it. I'm pretty sure women are entitled to run. Somehow, the completely inept Sarah Palin has become a national voice. Learn how the game is played and play it.