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May 28, 2010

When You're Right, You're Right

While it is usually with a certain amount of glee that I skewer the Tribune-Review editorial board there are days, rare as they are, when I just can't.

Because sometimes, they're just right.

Such is the case, again today, and so I think it safe to assume the braintrust and I agree on at least one thing - that Luke Ravenstahl is a laughable excuse of a chief executive. Here's the Trib:
Lance: To Luke Ravenstahl. The Pittsburgh mayor has named his newly elected state representative brother Adam to the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority board. The nepotism, a violation of the city ethics code, is defended by Hizzhoner, who says Bro represents the legislative district most affected by Alcosan. And the city solicitor disputes the ethics charge, saying the authority is not under the direct jurisdiction of the mayor's office. Done laughing yet?
Sadly, no.


spork_incident said...

OT: I want to get in early and predict that Jack Kelly will be pushing the Sestak non-scandal this Sunday.

Now back to your regularly scheduled post.

A Spork in the Drawer

Gloria said...

Good thing I was sitting down when I read this, b/c fainting & falling to the floor when your realize you agree with something in the Trib is less dangerous when you fall from a chair.