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July 10, 2010

Another Saturday...

...another Craig Smith schmooze-fest.

And he returns again to The Heritage Foundation with an interview with William W. Beach, described by the foundation as:
As Director of The Heritage Foundation's Center for Data Analysis, William W. Beach is the think tank's chief "number cruncher." He oversees Heritage's original statistical research on taxes, Social Security, energy, crime, education, trade and a host of other issues, ensuring it is both rigorous in technical scholarship and produced in time to help inform public debate.
No mention, as usual, of the entwined relationship between Richard Mellon Scaife's Tribune-Review and the Heritage Foundation (where Scaife is on the board of directors). No mention of the tens of millions of dollars Scaife's given to Heritage.

Regardless of what Beach says, failing to disclose the financial relationship between the paper that Scaife owns and the foundation that Scaife supports is (as I am told) the text book definition of a conflict of interest.

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