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March 10, 2011

The Trib, Newsmax, And Scaife

First off, we have our old friend Chris Horner. You remember, he's the lawyer (who the Trib misleadingly calls a "researcher") working for the Scaife-Funded Competitive Enterprise Institute who shows up occasionally on the Scaife-owned Pittsburgh Tribune-Review to show how the stolen Climategate emails "prove" how Climate Change is a hoax or something.

Even though it isn't.

Today we see this:
Climate fraud: A federal government inspector general "has revealed prima facie proof that the so-called independent inquiries widely if implausibly described as clearing the ClimateGate principals of wrongdoing were, in fact, whitewashes," writes Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute in the Daily Caller. One of those "studies" was conducted by Penn State. He says the university may have been "complicit" in a "cover-up." Stay tuned.
There are TWO "consider the source" moments in this paragraph. The first is the aforementioned Horner and then we get something called the "Daily Caller." What's the "Daily Caller" you ask? The Washington Examiner calls it "The right's answer to the Huffingtonpost."

Consider the source. Regardless of the content, the fact that the Trib still fails to disclose all the Scaife money involved in this story is enough to undermine the credibility of everyone involved.

But it's not limited to the Trib. Take a look at this from Mediamatters:
For at least the third time in the past year, right-wing website Newsmax has provided positive coverage to a Florida politician whose campaign or political committee has received money from Newsmax or its CEO, Christopher Ruddy. This financial support has not been disclosed in campaign endorsements or other articles about these politicians at Newsmax.
That name should raise some red flags, no? He hosts fundraisers for/donates money to candidates then his "news" source covers those candidates (nicely) while failing to disclose the financial ties that bind him to those candidates.

Why am I telling you this?

Richard Mellon Scaife owns 40% of Newsmax.

Consider the source.

The circle jerk continues.

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