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August 17, 2011

Dan Savage Redefines "Rick"

And so in Savage's own words:
Now "Rick Santorum" isn't just a vile and disgusting politician—he's a vile and disgusting sentence.
What is it, you ask?

I'm getting to that. It's in today's Savage Love column.

A letter writer wrote in to the column with this:
If you do end up having to redefine the word "rick," which you threatened to do in your recent Funny or Die video, I have a suggestion: rick (v): to remove santorum orally. ("He was so grateful for the lay that he ricked his partner.")
To which Dan agreed. Hence the above sentence "Rick Santorum."

Though Savage fiddles the definition a little:
That said, I don't think someone would rick his or her partner out of gratitude; ricking someone—sucking the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex out of someone's ass—is something a person would do only under duress or under orders from a cruel BDSM top.
Rick Santorum - ew, yuck.


Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

Nice New Civility to see Dayvoe joining in a Dan Savage.

Dan Savage = Savagely waving a "Santorum" covered fist in the air at the Rethugs.

Company you keep.

CSI without Dead Bodies said...

Dan Savage vented against Santorum because bullies like him make the It Gets Better project necessary. I'm sure Michael Savage (née Michael Weiner) will come to Rick's defense and attack the former Savage so the former Savage will have to attack the latter Savage whose real name is Weiner. Maybe by then it will be Anthony Weiner's turn somehow to join in and it will be all over CNN.

EdHeath said...

You have an amusing sense of irony, referencing an Andrew Breitbart website. talk about the company you keep. All those "creatively" edited videos.

Sarah Palin encouraging violence with gunsight filled maps and "reload, don't retreat". Rich Perry threatening the chairman of the Federal Reserve. All y'all Republicans calling Obama a Muslim, a communist, a terrorist, a fascist.

Y'all are real civil.

Oscar said...

What an inane and nonsensical post. It puts liberalism into perspective......

Ol' Froth said...

Oh look! A new chew toy!

Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

Ed I was wrong
Dan Savage = Savagely waving a Bloody Fecal matter covered fist in the air at the Rethugs.

How about this civility from a police union boss?

"We intend to walk into Lansing after the summer break and ask the Republicans who have been so eagerly screwing us, 'who's next?' If we cannot earn their respect we will do what we have always done; hit it with a flashlight until we gain compliance."

Union organizer suspected of shooting non-union Ohio employer

EdHeath said...

HTTP, are you saying that Rick Perry did not threaten Ben Bernanke, or that Palin did not say "Don't retreat, reload?"

Once again, you are giving us isolated incidents regurgitated from conservative publications.

Yes, some times union people go too far in some apparently isolated incidents, but what is the difference between candidates for President of the United States and a union official from Lansing or possibly some union supporter from Toledo? For better or worse, Rick Perry and Sarah Palin represent the Republican party, while a union local president cop represents the people who elected him, a few hundred cops in Lansing.

And we don't even know what elected officials have been saying about cops in Lansing. We only know that you complain about the pay and benefits cops, firemen, teachers and other unionized public servants get, people who do tough jobs and in many cases risk their lives for people like you. You want to tell them to go ahead and run into a burning building, but then when they retire they should eat cat food to make ends meet. Because fat cats who live in MC-Mansions in Upper Saint Claire only want to pay 17% in federal taxes. You are real good at telling other they should make sacrifices.

EdHeath said...

Oops, that's HTTT. I keep confusing you with a URL.