Democracy Has Prevailed.

August 25, 2011

Now that we're on the same page...

I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you,
I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.

So let’s make the most of this beautiful day,
Since we’re together, we might as well say,
Would you be mine? Could you be mine?
Won’t you be my neighbor?

Via KDKA: "In Pittsburgh, only 19 percent of city
residents approve the mayor’s performance
— with 48 percent disapproving —
and 33 percent have no opinion."

OK, this is certainly not in the spirit of Mr. Rogers, but after years and years of not understanding why folks in this city gave a pass to Pittsburgh's Favorite Grandson Lil Mayor Luke, I finally feel at one with my city.


Winding down said...

Why don't they approve of his performance?

BTW..I am long time gone yunzer...

Maria said...

Oh my! Where to start? I've been blogging about Ravenstahl since before he was mayor. I'll try to give you a concise overview, but a lot will be left out.

You probably know that Ravenstahl became mayor due to the tragic death of Mayor O'Connor very early in his first term. The general feeling was "give the kid a chance." He did get a lot of national press due to his relative youth.

However, his frat boy leanings became evident early with such hijinks as stalking his hero Tiger Woods, having an all-nighter in NYC where he claimed he couldn't remember where he slept, lying about having been handcuffed by cops at a Steeler game when he was a Councilman, taking a Homeland Security van on a joyride to a Toby Keith concert and leaving BBQ sauce and other crap in it, etc., etc., etc. And, always lying to try to get out of any trouble like a little boy with his hand stuck in a cookie jar.

But always, the cry remained, "give the kid a chance."

Yet, for someone so young, he is certainly part of the Old Boy Network and was quite petty when it came to anyone who crossed him or who he perceived as crossing him. The public didn't like his trying to sell the city's parking meters to the same Wall Streeters and banksters who ripped off Chicago. He always seems to favor the rich and powerful in any dispute with the more progressive faction on Council (including UPMC, Lamar Advertising, any other corporate giants, etc.). He's pro fracking and did things did things like throwing anyone of any value off the Citizens Police Review Board who had some major pending investigations, while leaving other board and authority seats empty for months. Yet, he tried to install his own brother on one which is against the City Charter. There have been tremendous battles between the Mayor and Council -- yet, they're all Democrats.

I think the tide started to turn when he announced just two weeks after his last election that he was separating from his wife. What really got many Pittsburghers' goat was he hired a big time attorney who preemptively threatened to sue the hell out of anyone who passed any rumors about his martial split. This led to some pretty merciless mockery on Twitter and blogs and suddenly it was OK to dislike him.

There was also Snowpocalypse. He left town to celebrate his birthday at Seven Springs when a blizzard was already predicted. Many streets remained unplowed for weeks and a man died because of it. This was part of a pattern of the mayor not being here when needed. It also includes his ducking out early or not showing up at all whenever there's an event with President Obama.

It was recently announce that he his divorcing his wife. Add that to four people dying on a city street due to a flash flood -- which probably can't really be blamed on him -- and you have a citizenry who have decided that he just isn't due any more chances.

Unfortunately, he isn't up for reelction for another two years.

But, then again, looking at your profile just now, you'd probably love the guy!

Winding down said...

Pls do not pigeon-hole me based on the profile

Who might be a better mayor..??? Anyone aspiring to that lofty perch??
Did you summarize his honor's shortcomings off the top of your head?

I read the P-G on line, so many of the incidents you cite are not unfamiliar to me. Added together they are quite an indictment of his mis/malfeasance.

Maria said...

First, my apologizes for stereotyping you.

As for who'd be a better mayor -- I have to admit I'm pretty much in the "Anyone But Luke" camp.

I would love to see Bill Peduto as mayor and supported him in his last two runs. Michael Lamb would also make a fine mayor. I voted for Patrick Dowd in one of the primaries.

I have always voted against Lil Lukey in the general election too. I rarely vote for a Republican, but I did vote for Mark DeSantis against him. I also supported Franco Dok Harris in the last election (he ran as an independent). If Harris had not been in the race, I would have voted for then Republican Kevin Acklin.

And, yes, I pretty much did my last reply off the top of my head after thinking about it for 10-15 minutes. Again, I'm sure I missed a lot, including a general lack of honesty and transparency.

EdHeath said...

Of course the problem is that the local Democratic committee is, as far as I know, still 100 percent (or at least 51%) behind the Mayor. So the Mayor will still be the endorsed candidate for a foreseeable future, meaning that if Joe or Josephine Voter just pushes the "D" button in the (all important) primary, then the Mayor has a built in constituency (possibly that 33% that has no opinion, not to mention the 19% that approves).

Still, it is possible that the next minor (or major) scandal the Mayor gets involved in might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. The Committee could decide the Mayor would be happier as a district justice.

EdHeath said...

I love how a former deputy press secretary to Dubya calls Ravenstahl tone deaf

Winding down said...

My recollection is that the Democratic primary decides the overwhelming favorite in the general. A Rep will win when the sun rises in the west.

The 'Burg is an example of what??? .... if you chose not to become informed about personalities, issues and the case of incumbents...their record..then, oh well. And as I understand it the ultimate decisions on budget etc are made by other than locally

elected officials.

What is that all about???

How are the stats for keeping talented youngsters at brother and I both left... not that we were very talented..we have achieved a modest amount of success.