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February 15, 2012

How Technology is Changing the Aesthetics of the News

Via Carnegie Mellon News:
Event: How are innovations like the iPad and smartphone, and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr affecting the "art" of the news industry?

Carnegie Mellon University's Center for the Arts in Society (CAS), a research center within the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences and College of Fine Arts that investigates the role of arts in societies, is hosting six prominent members of the Pittsburgh media to discuss how technology and social media are changing the aesthetics of news. Topics will include how their roles have evolved due to technology innovations, what the changes mean for consumers of news and where the media industry is headed next. The panelists are:
•John Allison (@John_M_Allison), Pittsburgh Post-Gazette opinion editor;
•Deanna Garcia (@eprdeanna), Essential Pittsburgh Radio reporter;
•Maria Lupinacci @maria_in_pgh), award-winning blogger and media watchdog at 2 Political Junkies;
Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist;
•Chris Potter (@CPotterPgh), Pittsburgh City Paper editor; and
Martha Rial, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

When: 4:45 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 15
Where: Steinberg Auditorium, Baker Hall A53, Carnegie Mellon University
Hashtag for Event: #CMUmedia

More info here.


Chris Potter said...

You wanna pregame this by knocking back a few shots at the Panther Hollow Inn? Just a thought.

Maria Lupinacci said...

Sorry, saw this just now.

Dayvoe said...



Maria Lupinacci said...

Well, I think.


Maria Lupinacci said...

There was a dinner afterward so just got home.

Maria Lupinacci said...

Nice meeting SamStone there.

SamStone said...

It was a great! What an opportunity to hear some the best journalists in the city, all with very different perspectives.

Clearly, the introdution of new media has some growing pains, such as when Deena revealed that the new local NPR website initially had no way to post audio clips(!). But, beyond the technical challenges, the speakers seemed excited about the opportunities. It was also clear that the mainstream and alternative press,including bloggers, very much respect each others role in covering Pittsburgh news.

I also got to meet Maria, in person :-).