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April 12, 2012

More On PA's "Voter Fraud" Story

Um, maybe someone should pick up a phone.

From FoxNews In Philly we find a story about some recent challenges to the ALEC-inspired Metcalfe-sponsored Voter ID bill.  Democrats say there's no voter fraud (and they're right, by the way) and the Republicans say there is (and they're wrong, by the way).

In the story we find this:
"Voter fraud is happening in Pennsylvania and it is fairly widespread. This is a good way to fix it," said Representative Will Tallman, (R) York and Adams County.
The piece quoted Tallman accurately. In fact, Tallman's got the story so solid, it's an almost word for word copy of a clip found at his youtube site:

Note, however, that he changes the subject.  He starts by talking voter fraud, but then subtly shifts to voter registration.  And even then his stat "12.5 of voter registrations are questionable." is a further diversion.  What does "questionable" mean?  The address is incorrect?  The signature is illegible?  Something's misspelled?  He doesn't explain how that turns into voter fraud.

And if he has direct evidence of voter fraud (which he claims) then why hasn't he brought it to the attention of the authorities?

Or at least Senate State Government Committee Chairman Charles McIlhinney. Why do I bring that up, you ask?

This is why.  From the AP:
Republicans continued Monday to press legislation to require Pennsylvanians to show photo identification before they vote, despite resistance from Democrats who say it is intended to suppress turnout of poor and black voters, and Republicans acknowledging they lack proof of voter fraud.

The Senate State Government Committee voted 6-5 to lengthen the list of acceptable photo IDs beyond those included in a more restrictive bill passed by the state House of Representatives in June.

That bill would have required voters to show a government-issued photo ID. With the amendment, it now would allow some expired government IDs, as well as IDs issued by accredited Pennsylvania colleges and universities and nursing and personal care homes, but it still would substantially toughen state law in Pennsylvania and add it to a short list of states that require photo ID.

Senate State Government Committee Chairman Charles McIlhinney said he has seen no proof that people are casting illegal ballots, but he also said he's seen no proof that tightening the requirements would deny anyone the right to vote. He called the requirement a "security check."
Tallman, meet McIlhinney. McIlhinney meet Tallman.

You guys should get your stories straight.


SamStone said...

A basic rule of logic is that there are two kinds of error. In this case, we have (1) disallowing a legitimate voter to cast a ballot and (2) allowing an illegitimate voter to cast a ballot. Everytime you move the bar because you are scared of (2), you are going to increase (1). But given that increasing (1) goes against the bedrock principle of democracy everything should be done to avoid it. Of course, Republicans are not worried about (1), since it disproportionately targets the other party.

If only they could retun to the days when only white male land-owners could vote, then they would be happy. Until then, bills like this just slowly chip away at the right of everyone to cast a ballot.

EdHeath said...

In fact, Sam, I think it is not so much that Republicans are "not worried" about disallowing a legitimate voter, I believe they all for disallowing voters who vote Democratic. They know there is no real fraud right now (granted, there has been in the past and could be in the future). The Republicans just want to shift the vote.