Democracy Has Prevailed.

May 5, 2012


Tonight, Maria, the OPJ, will beparticipating in a panel discussion dahn-tahn.

From the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust webpage:

Does it really exist? Who are the generals? Is there a draft? How does one fight? And with whom? Who will emerge victorious? A comedic discussion about the War on Women with two women and a couple of guys who may as well be.

Comedian John McIntire hosts this irreverent and insightful talk show. Panelists will include:

Post-Gazette Cartoonist Rob Rogers
2PoliticalJunkies Blogger Maria Lupinacci Sex @ Love Columnist Natalie Bencivenga
Advice columnist Catherine "PussyCat' Specter

*Ticket holders from any earlier show downtown gain free admission (based on seating availability; must show ticket stub for free admission).
For the 2 or 3 of you aht there who don't know it, John McIntire can be found here, Cat Specter here, Natalie Bencivenga here, and Rob Rogers, here.


Dayvoe said...


How'd it go??

Maria said...

It went very well. I think we were all on the same side. Rogers showed a slide show of his comics too.

And, as a side benefit, I got to see both the Super Moon and fireworks for the Pirates game.