Democracy Has Prevailed.

November 5, 2012

Endorsements? We Got Your Endorsements, Right Here!

The Post-Gazette:

In Washington

For Senate: Democrat Bob Casey

For The House -
  • 12th District: Democrat Mark Critz
  • 14th District: Democrat Mike Doyle
  • 18th District: Republican Tim Murphy 
In Harrisburg

For State Senate - 
  • 37th District. Democrat Matt Smith
For The State House -
  • 16th District: Democrat Robert Matzie
  • 20th District: Democrat Adam Ravenstahl
  • 22nd District: Democrat Erin Molchany
  • 25th District: Democrat Joseph Markosek
  • 30th District: Democrat David Tusick
  • 32nd District: Democrat Anthony DeLuca
  • 33rd District: Democrat Frank Dermody
  • 39th District: Democrat David Levdansky
  • 44th District: Democrat Mark Scappe
  • 45th District: Democrat Nick Kotik
For other statewide offices -
  • Pa. Attorney General:  Republican David Freed
  • Pa. Auditor General:  Republican John Maher 
  • Pa. Treasurer Democrat Rob McCord
And for President:  Democrat Barack Obama And The Tribune-Review:

In Washington

For The White House -
  • For president: Republican Mitt Romney
For The Senate - 
  • Pa.: Democrat Bob Casey Jr.
  • Ohio: Republican Josh Mandel
  • W.Va.: Republican John Raese
For The House (PA) - 
  • 3rd Congressional District: Republican Mike Kelly 
  • 9th Congressional District: Republican Bill Shuster
  • 12th Congressional District: Either Republican Keith Rothfus or Democrat Mark Critz 
  • 14th Congressional District: Republican Hans Lessmann 
  • 18th Congressional District: No endorsement 
For The House (OH) - 
  • 6th Congressional District: Republican Bill Johnson • For U.S. House
For The House (W. VA) - 
  • 1st Congressional District: Republican David McKinley
For other statewide offices - 
  • Attorney general: Republican David Freed 
  • Auditor general: Republican John Maher 
  • Treasurer: Republican Diana Irey-Vaughan
There you have it.


Doc said...

If ever there were a case of hold your nose and pull the lever it is Mark Critz. His TV spots are artrocious. "I'm a pro life, pro gun Democrat that's going to be sure the EPA doesn't keep Western PA from becoming the natural gas and coal capital of the world." Paraphrased.

Maria said...

Yes! That's exactly what I think when I see that ad.