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July 9, 2013

Reality Catches Up To The Braintrust. Again

Remember this blog post?

The blog post linked to this Op-Ed in the Tribune-Review that said, in part, this:
Among the Obama administration's re-election cheerleaders, none is more duplicitous than Attorney General Eric Holder, whose sis-boom-ba on "voter rights" is sorely out of sync with factual accounts of fraud.

Last month the Justice Department blocked a South Carolina photo-identification law, insisting it makes voting more difficult for minorities. At a rally in Columbia, S.C., last week, Mr. Holder said defending that cause is "a moral imperative," The Washington Post reported.

But Holder's presumptuous intervention in South Carolina backfired. In response, that state's attorney general, Alan Wilson, did some digging and found that at least 900 dead people voted in South Carolina's 2010 election, writes Peter Hannaford for The American Spectator. Mr. Wilson is going to court to restore the law.
Turns out this (the story of the dead people voting in South Carolina) is completely untrue.

From the AP:
No one intentionally cast a ballot in South Carolina using the names of dead people in recent elections, despite allegations to the contrary, according to a State Law Enforcement Division report obtained Friday by The Associated Press.

Attorney General Alan Wilson asked the agency to investigate last year after the Department of Motor Vehicles determined in early 2012 that more than 900 people listed as deceased also had voted in recent years.
The initial story was broken by the Columbia Free Times:
A year and a half after a zombie voter fever fell over Republicans in campaign mode, a state police investigation found no indication that anyone purposefully cast a ballot using the name of a dead person in South Carolina.

Responding to an open records request, the S.C. Law Enforcement Division today released its final report to Free Times, one day before a federal holiday. SLED found no indication of voter fraud. [Emphasis added.]
So, now that we've found yet another Voter "Fraud" mistake on the pages of Richard Mellon Scaife's editorial page, will the braintrust be making any sort of correction?


JUDI M. said...

All they need to do for their RW followers is get the thought....not fact.....out there. That's as far as these folks "research" anything. That's just like FOX with their "what if, or don't you think".......followed by the propaganda they wish to spread. They KNOW today's public is LAZY, racist, and mentally shallow, and they USE that.

dmarks said...

The problem of voter fraud is real. Obama's own closely allied organizAtion ACORN had arrests for election fraud crimes.

The only people who have an interest in preventing these effective methods of stopping voter fraud must be those who stand to gain from democracy being destroyed by fake votes.

".followed by the propaganda they wish to spread."

I see Judi is using the definition of propaganda as meaning "information/facts she does not like". I love how FOX gets true believers so riled up because it is the only major news outlet that isn't left wing and says something different.

Dayvoe said...

dmarks: And your evidence for voter fraud is...ACORN? An organization that no longer exists? One whose former members were found guilty of voter REGISTRATION fraud.

You do know that that's different, right?

Not even the Bush Justice department could find actual gosh darn real voter fraud. And so if THEY couldn't find it, why do you think it happened?

Ol' Froth said...

Not only that, but much of the voter registration fraud ACORN was accussed of was self-reported. They're required by law to turn in all completed registrations even suspect ones. Its up to election officials to determine if the registration is valid or not. ACORN even helpfully flagged suspcious registrations for officials.

dmarks said...

Dayvoe: Acorn is just one example of the voter fraud problem. Registration fraud is an example of election/voter fraud.

I do know that some forms of election-related fraud are different from other forms.

ACORN was caught doing it, and they threw the ones who were caught and paid by them under the bus.