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March 19, 2014

Pittsburghers React to Former Mayor Ravenstahl's Excuse for Leaving Office with City-owned PC

Today, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette revealed that former Mayor Luke Ravenstahl took his city-owned desktop computer with him when he left office, held onto it for several days, and then had his lawyer give this excuse for those actions:
Mr. Ravenstahl referred comment to his attorney, Charles Porter, who said the former mayor took the computer because he was concerned the Peduto administration would move in, hide it and then concoct a story about it going missing. 
"He didn't trust the administration, so he thought it prudent" to take the computer with him, Mr. Porter said, "so that people couldn't claim any derogatory things about him."
Typical Pittsburghers reacted to the news with varying degrees of skepticism: