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December 16, 2015

Senator Pat Toomey Gets Some Ad Space In The Trib

Perhaps, just perhaps, it's to deflect from this story - you know, the one about how Donald Trump spoke at a fundraiser that will, in one way or another benefit Pat Toomey's Senate campaign.  Yea, that story.

Perhaps it's to change the subject from Toomey's Trump Troubles.

Who knows?  I'm just innocently asking the question with no agenda to plop the idea into my reading audience what so ever.  In any way, shape or form.  Nope.  No agenda here.

Anyway, Pat Toomey got some free ad space in today's Tribune-Review.

It's not about his campaign, not about the election not at all.  But make no mistake, it is.   Why else would it be in the paper?

Scaife's paper?  The paper once owned by billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife who also, completely coincidentally of course, donated thousands to Scaife's past senatorial campaigns as well as the Club for Growth, where Toomey was once president?

How interesting that that's where Toomey, perhaps, is trying to distance himself from the Trump fundraiser.

Anyway, the de facto ad is about Toomey's "passing the trash" legislation designed to protect our nation's school children.

Interesting part of all this is that Pat Toomey wasn't above sabotaging other "child protection" legislation to get his way.  From The Morning Call:
His colleagues haven't responded to his urgent requests, and now U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey has taken a legislative hostage.

The Pennsylvania Republican is using a procedural maneuver to hold up a child care bill, arguing that if his legislation requiring school employees to undergo background checks isn't getting a vote, neither should another bill intended to protect children.
 Great guy, that Pat Toomey.

He's still got Trump Troubles, though.  Unless he publicly denounces (in a speech - in public) Trump's recent racist comments while declaring he'll take no money from that fundraiser, he's still got Trump Troubles.

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