September 16, 2016

From A VERY Well Placed Source - News About The Tribune-Review Newsroom

An astute reader emailed this in with some gossip regarding our friends at the Tribune-Review.

My astute source wrote:
McNickle was among those taking the latest round of buyouts. The Trib has basically emptied it's newsroom and management plans to fold the Pittsburgh operation back into the mother ship in Greensburg.

Frank Craig and Jim Cuddy got a push out the door and the sports editor was flat-out removed.

They had meetings with the few veterans they planned to keep. Colin was not invited. It got so testy that he declined to attend an editorial board interview with Trump Junior last week. Last Sunday's Trib contained no editorials.

Among the departures is Carl Prine, Mike Wereschagin, Salena Zito, Brad Bumsted and all but three of their photographers. I'm waiting to see if Colin has a farewell column.

Received word today that Eric Heyl, the spectacularly mediocre columnist, also took the buyout. Everyone has concluded that the company will file a WARN notice in October.

Consensus inside the D.L. Clark Building: The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is not long for this world.
Wow.  I can't begin to comprehend this new journalistic reality.
  • Colin McNickle, gone.
  • Eric Heyl, gone.
  • Salena Zito, gone.
But if the Trib's not long for this world, what am I gonna do about their continual climate denial?


Unknown said...

I will so miss McNickle columns. Wondering if Randy Bish left.

Social Justice NPC Anti-Paladin™ said...

Salena Zito the NY Post's newest columnist.