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December 12, 2016

Message To Trump Voters: Your Side Of The Street Is Filthy (NSFW)

Prove It from Steve Cohen on Vimeo.

In the video, Tess Rafferty starts with:
Since I’ve posted the video Aftermath: 2016, I have been told that good people voted for Trump. I have been told that people who voted for Trump aren’t racist.  They have gay relatives, half-Mexican sons, are disabled themselves and love and respect women. I have been told they are good people.

(I have also been told that I’m a cunt who should have been aborted and should be raped by ISIS. But I’m sure those are good people, too.)

So you voted for Trump and you say you’re a good person? Prove it. You obviously like reality shows, you voted like you think you’re in one. Pretend you're a contestant on “So You Think You’re Not a Racist.”

Your first challenge is to clean your side of the street.
She then calls out Trump's racism, misogyny, and homophobia.  Then there's this to his voters who really really don't want to be called racist or misogynist or homophobic:
Say that all of the 1000 plus hate crimes that have been committed since Trump was “elected,” that all of the people who have said, “we don’t have to tolerate your kind now that Trump is President,” tell us all that these people do not speak for you. You’re probably wondering, “Do I really have to tell you that?” The answer is yes, you do. Because you blew your last chance to tell us that these people didn’t speak for you when you voted to elect Donald Trump to speak for you.

Your side of the street is filthy.
Aftermath: 2016 can be found here - and a transcript here (NSFW).  In that video she says what I've been thinking for some time:
I tried to be polite, but now I just don’t give a damn, because let’s be honest, we don’t live in polite America anymore. We live in ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ America now. So thank you for that, being polite was exhausting.
 Happy Monday.