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December 13, 2016

What Is It WIth Trump And Fraud Investigations?

Remember this?
President-elect Donald Trump, who has repeatedly bragged that he never settles lawsuits despite a long history of doing so, has agreed to a $25 million settlement to end the fraud cases pending against his defunct real estate seminar program, Trump University.
That was the suit that said that Trump swindled "thousands of innocent Americans out of millions of dollars."

Well the news hit yesterday about President-elect Pussy-grabber had in mind for Thomas Jefferson's old job:
Donald Trump on Tuesday morning formally announced that he will nominate ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be secretary of state.

Trump touted Tillerson as "the embodiment of the American dream."
Beyond the ties to Putin's Russia and the Award he received from Putin's Russia, we can also see that he's involved in a lawsuit as well.

This one's about how Exxon knew the climate science was real and yet misled the public about it in order to pump more profits out of the ground.

Tillerson's in on that one.  From the NYTimes:
[New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman] called his efforts a straightforward fraud investigation, like many that he and his predecessors have taken on in subjects as wide-ranging as the crash of mortgage-backed securities and Volkswagen’s diesel engine deceptions.

Mr. Schneiderman also mentioned, as an example of questionable public statements by Exxon Mobil, congressional testimony in 2010 by its chief executive, Rex Tillerson, who said that while the company acknowledged that humans were affecting the climate through greenhouse gas emissions to some degree, it was not yet clear “to what extent and therefore what can you do about it.”

Mr. Tillerson added, “There is not a model available today that is competent” for understanding the science and predicting the future.

Mr. Schneiderman disagrees, and cited the industry’s own extensive climate research and the actions it has taken in response, including exploration in the melting Arctic and raising the decks of offshore oil platforms to compensate for rising sea level.
The allegations are that Exxon was lying to its shareholders in order to maintain its profits.

Friends with Putin's Russia AND (possible - let's see how the lawsuit turns out) defrauder of American shareholders - what a great great American!

This is the new normal in Trump's America.  I will resist the new normal