Democracy Has Prevailed.

April 8, 2020


She's also a vile vile person.

Here's why.

Watch this:
It's a half minute or so from this rant from PALM SUNDAY.

About 3 minutes in, she says:
I understand following the rules. I understand "danger that we've been told is here."
[Note: Wendy is using air quotes while saying those words.]
But I'm on a fence. It is proverbial yes, but it exists.

Alright? I think we need to talk about this. Because we're at this crisis point now - we have our Surgeon General saying, "What we're walking into in the coming days, is our "9/11"
[More air quotes.]
Well we've already had 9/11. It's our Pearl Harbor. I wasn't here for Pearl Harbor.

But the analogy confounds me. It confuses me. And I'm getting angry.

Why does the analogy bother me?

Pearl Harbor - Men drowned. They were blown to smithereens. They were blown to bits and burned in oil. They drowned!

9/11 - People jumped out of the World Trade Center Towers. They jumped. Think about that.

And so we have a virus that none of us is immune to without having it and living through it. It is unknown. And yes, by golly, researcher scientists, you know it, are working their behinds off, trying to figure this stuff out.

But I gotta tell you, I'm on a fence.
[She turns to the white board at this point]
Here's my fence. It's a red picket fence because I feel like I'm burning right now, OK?
[Here she starts on her topics]
The mask thing. The fence between "I want to be safe" and "I feel totally silly." Thinking, everyone should wear a mask now? We should wear a mask now? This is going to save stuff now? Or should we have been doing that two weeks ago? A month ago? Now. Wear a mask. Now.

That feels silly to me. But I want to be safe.

I'm on a fence.

Science and Speculation. We're following science to the granular level. Dr Brix tells us. I don't doubt that she's the smartest person in the room, at all!  But science, when you're dealing with an unknown, is a lot of speculation, too! It just is! We're told 2.2 million people could die in this country - or not. You can get it and have terrible symptoms or not even know you have it. Right?

I'm on a fence.

We're told that we need to shut down the economy. There's a cost. Everything shuts down. But to what end? Yes, every life lost is one too many. Yes that's the talking point, that's what we're going  to say -
[At this point, she's doing the sort of "blah-blah" hand gesture that usually "this is nonsense."]
- but dollars and cents boil down to, "are you going to bankrupt America and the future for less than one percent of our population, many of whom are already ill? Or aged?"

I'm on a fence. Do you see? The struggle? Internal? Struggle?

Truth and Doubt - I want to believe. The Governor says, "Wear a mask." The president says, "I'm not wearing a mask." What do you do? Whom do you believe?

The rest is more of the same.

One big takeaway here:

Wendy Bell is having trouble deciding between her two options: "bankrupting" America or saving hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of American lives - people who are old and frail.

Is she actually on the fence about this?

Cold, vile and cruel.