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July 12, 2020

Wendy Bell Lies About AOC, George Flynn and is STILL Pushing Herd Immunity [UPDATE]

In her monologue today, KDKA Radio's Angel of Death (Wendy Bell) was asking the rhetorical question "Whom do you trust?"

It was her attempt, I suppose, to undermine the credibility of the mainstream media, medical experts, the mainstream media and the covid-19 data.

Oh, and the mainstream media - which she said should be the place you can trust to tell you the truth.

Which is very interesting because in that 10 minute long monologue, she made a number of huge factual errors.

Let me first start with this:

15,000 new cases of Coronavirus in Florida today alone. This is breaking news. This is all over the headlines. This is what happens with a virus, ladies and gentlemen.

Instead of it being “Breaking News! 15,000 people have now tested positive in Florida!” We should say, “Florida is--",

I think, isn't it the third most populous state in the United States of America? Don't we want this virus to work its way through the people so that we can be immune? So that we can develop some semblance of herd immunity? As we anxiously await the arrival of a vaccine?

Shouldn't the headline be: "15,000 people have tested positive and our medical systems are not being over run. And our mortality rate is south of a quarter of a percent. And we know that children don't even realize that they have Covid? And very rarely do they ever have any adverse effects?

Wendy Bell is still pushing herd immunity. Does she not understand the cost of it? I wrote about it a few weeks ago. I quoted Johns Hopkins with this:
To reach herd immunity for COVID-19, likely 70% or more of the population would need to be immune. Without a vaccine, over 200 million Americans would have to get infected before we reach this threshold. Put another way, even if the current pace of the COVID-19 pandemic continues in the United States – with over 25,000 confirmed cases a day – it will be well into 2021 before we reach herd immunity. If current daily death rates continue, over half a million Americans would be dead from COVID-19 by that time. [Emphasis added.]
That's even if it's possible. This was in the news today:
People who have recovered from Covid-19 may lose their immunity to the disease within months, according to research suggesting the virus could reinfect people year after year, like common colds.
Did you miss that, Wendy? Shouldn't you be, I dunno, more fully informed about the virus before opining about it to your vast audience that trusts you down to your toenails? How many are going to get sick and die because of your (at best) incomplete knowledge of the pandemic?

In any event, KDKA R's A of D, in celebrating more infections (because it gets us closer to "herd immunity") is also calling for the deaths of a half million Americans to be the cost of it.

How is KDKA Radio OK with this??

Then there's this bit of dishonesty from Wendy. In asking about whom to trust, she asks:

How about lawmakers? Did you guys see the tweet put out by [Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]?

Ladies and gentlemen, I didn't share the tweet because I couldn't confirm that she actually sent it.

It was something to the effect of, "Look we need to keep businesses shut down as long as possible. We need to smash the economy as long as possible so Donald Trump doesn't get reelected again."

I think several people, several million people losing their jobs and businesses is far more important than Donald - than us having Donald Trump as a president again. That was out as a tweet that she had deleted. I looked into that.

I can't prove that, I'm not so sure she said it. It's a scary notion that a lot of folks are suspecting.

Look at how carefully Wendy asserts, and yet still tries to distance herself from the assertion. There was a tweet put out and deleted by AOC but Wendy can't confirm it was actually sent but goes with the story anyway.

Had Wendy actually "looked into" it, she would have found this:
Social media users are circulating a fabricated tweet allegedly from U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), in which she says that governors should maintain COVID-19-related business restrictions through November in order to prevent Donald Trump’s re-election. Ocasio-Cortez never tweeted this.
This is Reuters (a most reliable news source) dated June 24, 2020.

Wendy, are you still "not so sure" that AOD tweeted it? This was fact-checked two and a half weeks ago.

Then there's this: Wendy's questioning the reliability of Covid-19 statistics and asks:

Did you guys know that George Floyd is a Covid death? George Floyd, who we all watched on that horrifying video take his final breath. He's a covid death because he tested positive for Covid. Even though Covid isn't what killed him!
Wendy? Angel? Did you do any research before going on the air? If you had, you would have seen this:

In a week when the attention of Americans abruptly shifted from a paralyzing coronavirus pandemic to outrage over the deaths of black people in police custody, they learned that while George Floyd survived one threat, he was unable to live through the other.

Floyd tested positive for coronavirus in April, and again following his death last week after he was restrained by police in Minneapolis, final autopsy results show.

But the virus played no known role in his death and he was likely not contagious, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's office said in its final report Wednesday.
This is CNN, dated June 4, 2020.

Wendy, that's thirty-eight days ago.

Wendy, how is KDKA Radio OK with letting you on the air coughing out this much misinformation while actually complaining about how much misinformation is floating around?

No really, I want to know how your bosses are OK with this.

UPDATE: Would you be shocked to discover that KDKA Radio's Wendy Bell is not the only right-wing pundit to push the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lie?

Well, she's not.

Fox's Brian Kilmeade did it too.

But at least he had the decency to apologize for it (even though he got the name wrong):
Hey, KDKA Radio, has Wendy Bell corrected herself on the air about her AOC lie? If not, when will she?